Thursday, June 2, 2011

things that spoke to me today...

Do you ever have those moments during the day that things just reach out and grab your attention?  I know we all truly have our own moments of experiencing them.  I post thoughts throughout the day on Facebook, but not all of you follow me there and of course, Facebook doesn't really allow for the blogging style of thoughts, so I have decided to share some of these incidents that happen because I think you will walk away encouraged too!

I have been going for a walk each morning around the track at The Brick, this recreation center not too far from my house.  I have been doing this faithfully for 6 weeks, maybe even nearly two months now, 3-7 times a week depending on my schedule.  I always try to go first thing in the morning as if I don't, the day will get away from me and I will let work take over and not do the things I need to do for myself.  I am starting to see results and it is encouraging to keep on because I know my body needs it.  It is also amazing how it clears your mind and the quiet time each day is something I look forward to!  I am not doing any large amount of walking, just the one mile track around this place and the walk there and back which makes it about a mile and a half.  

Well today, I got started 30minutes later than I normally like to be out there and as I was briskly walking down the path, about 1/4 mile into my walk, I was merging with a lady on it who was walking her dog.  She was full of energy, bursting with joy and she wanted to share it. She said "How are you on this beautiful morning that God has created?"  I said, "I am blessed."  I thought that would be it, so I kept walking, but she didn't stop. She went on to tell me that "God is good. People don't believe it, but he is very good.  Let me tell you, I had a benign brain tumor removed last November and the doctor's didn't think I would be able to see out of one of my eyes, maybe ever talk or walk again, for sure not have a normal life, but God had other plans for me.  He is better than even these highly skilled doctors in Fort Worth!"  I am, this lady is really wanting to share how she is so grateful for what God has done for her.  Why am I not like that, with an utter stranger?   Yah, I am with friends, but just people I meet in my path throughout the day, no, I don't do that!  I told her, "You know, you are absolutely correct.  God has a plan and He works that plan and people just don't believe like they need to.  He is very gracious to each of us and we are very blessed."  She was walking much slower than me and she said she didn't want to keep me from "beating the path" (her words to describe my brisk walking) but we exchanged names and I told her that I hoped I ran into her again, and I went on my way.  As I walked, I kept thinking...I know God has a plan.  A plan for my life.  Why am I not believing it right now?  Why am I caught up in these health issues I am having right now? Why am I letting it discourage me and have me loose heart?  Why am I frustrated with some results of business and turn of events?  Why am I not giving all of this to Him COMPLETELY to handle?  I know better.  God is good.  I know this!  Tears.  An open heart to realize I have not been where I needed to be.  Thank You Cheryl for reminding me...God Is Good!  I thought about this lady named Cheryl several times throughout the day...I hope I see her again!  If I could have walked leisurely with her, I would have, but I was pressed to get my walk in and get a shower and head to Garland for a consultation appointment with a client, so I couldn't do what I wanted to here is hoping that we run into each other again.

That was the first incident of the day.

My second was with my Client.  We had our Consulting session and then she took me to lunch at a Mexican restaurant around the corner from her office.  We spent some time getting to know each other and explaining how we started our businesses.  She is older than me and has children about 10years younger than me.  She was very kind and shared with me a nugget that I will not forget!  I shared with her my biggest struggle in business: Knowing how much to network and market my business vs actually perform work vs continue to research things to add to bring value to my clients vs the amount of time dedicated to learning technology solutions in an ever changing healthcare environment (of course this is an abridged version of how I elaborated on it - LOL).  Her response:  Misty, take time out to listen to your heart and cultivate your dream and God will show you what to do.  (She didn't say it in those plain words, but that was the message.)

This was the second incident of the day.

Then the day ended with one of my fellow board members calling to check on me because I missed yesterday's meeting, intentionally, but I have only missed two other times since I started going to the group in September 2010.  I am having some physical issues and not managing life very well and I had to skip.  I need to get a grip and refocus.  He is a believer and was sharing with me some thoughts of encouragement.  He said Misty, do you want the easy answer or the hard answer?  I said Keith, the answer is that I need to trust God more, because He has a plan for my life even if my well laid out plans, goals and dreams are not His plan, He has never let me down and He won't let me down now either.  He said, Exactly..that is what I was going to tell you, that is the answer.  That is the easy answer and at the same time, the hard answer.  Sometimes it is easy for us to trust God.  Other times we struggle and fight and can't give it up to Him to handle.  This is our lifelong battle.  Trust God!

Wow...several ways God spoke to me about you?

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