Saturday, July 2, 2011

reflections on Tyson's life...

Today is the memorial for Tyson Motto.  

In my heart, I wish I could be there...I wish I could see the pictures that will be shown, listen to the words said about him and his testimony for God, hug his family and let them know that the God of all comfort is there available to comfort where we can't...I wish I could.

I have followed lots of the comments on Facebook about Tyson and had conversations with others about their relationship with him.  The things everyone has to say about him are a clear message of the fact that he was loving, spontaneous, friendly to all (children and adults alike), he enjoyed having fun, made sure he enjoyed life, spent lots of time in God's creation, was always smiling, and showed an evident love for the Lord in his life and this was seen by all he came in contact with.  His life touched many people.  He made it clear that he was there to be your friend.  He was there to include you.  He was there to help you.

When someone leaves this life suddenly, we all are faced with again the fact smacking us in the face that life is short.  The person we love is gone.  Suddenly.  But we all know we have no guarantee of tomorrow...but it still gives you an awakening, if you know what I mean, because life has its way of turning into a routine and we forget that life is a vapor and will fly away like a dandelion.

Being 6 years older than Tyson and a girl, I didn't pal around with him like many did so I personally don't have as many stories as many others will have...but because he is a friend of my brother's and my parents were very good friends with his parents and we stayed often at their house when we were visiting their area for the weekend or attending the large camps, I was around him frequently, more in my childhood than in recent years.  I would love the chance to tell him some of the little things I noticed and the testimony he was to me, even from a distance.  If I could, I would love to ask him some questions...lots of questions, because I like to ask questions...things like: he made time for everyone when the demands of life and schedule is always pressing in on you? (this is personally something that is a HUGE struggle of mine.  I am constantly always evaluating and reflecting on with the demands of a job and home and life, even though I am single and many people think that it should be simpler for me - I seriously believe things just seem to take way too much time and life is way more complicated than it was meant to be...ummm, another post on this later)
...what did he choose to focus on daily to keep the grin always ready on his face?
...what was his favorite verse in the bible?
...who was a mentor and role model to him? and why?
...what is one nugget he would leave with me?
I know I can ask them here, but it won't generate those "deep conversations" everyone talks about having with him.  I don't know if he is able to read all these things we are saying and writing about him...don't you think that would be cool if he could?  Wouldn't it be awesome if he could fly a note down from Heaven so we could know he was watching?  Regardless, can you imagine Tyson bounding into Heaven with his enthusiasm?  His grin?  Him running around greeting all his old friends who went before him?  However it is and whatever he is doing, I know he doesn't regret not being here with us...I know he is enjoying walking the streets up in glory land!!!

The things Tyson will leave with me as memories and things I want to implement are:
...making sure I make time for my friends!
...making the most of life, each and every day, and have fun with it!
...encouraging whomever I make contact with, letting them know they are special because God created them and ultimately LOVES them, no matter if I ever see them again!
These are the "Tyson Things" that will stay with me.

Link to News Video re: the Memorial ~


  1. It was an amazing service with lots of thoughts about Tyson. But it was good to have the reminder that without the Lord, Tyson was just a sinner. It was his allowing the Lord to work in his life that made him who he was. Did you get to watch it as it streamed online? If not, I'm sure there's a video somewhere.

  2. Lana,

    Yes...all of us our sinners without the Lord and none of these good traits are effective without the Lord. I hope that that is understood even in what I wrote above about Tyson.

    I did get to watch the video live. Lots of it was hard to hear and catch every word. I can only assume because the video stream was catching the feedback from the room and it wasn't piped directly into the sound system. I still was glad to be able to watch it and participate how I could from here.

    I Love and Miss you Lana! PLEASE come stay with me sometime, I have a house with extra room for you!!! and would love to show you some hospitality.

    Many hugs, Misty