Sunday, August 7, 2011

weekend trip in Colorado ~ Miranda's wedding

Planning for a trip seems to always use every minute you allow...never ending up with extra and always crunched to the last minute.  This was true for me, yet again!

I decided to "not work" on Friday: no phone paperwork...not a thing related to the business.  As a workaholic by nature, this was a difficult task and I knew saying "no" would not come easy.  So, I created "rules" for myself.  No email other than personal and only 20minutes of that in the morning before my chores so that I would not be tempted to log into my work account or do any other internet surfing, blog reading, news catching, or what have you and would only do what was pertinent.  I also left my cell phone on silent (shhhhh...don't tell my secret) so that if a call came through (and it did) it would ring and go to voicemail and I would not be tempted to respond.  I had emailed all my clients letting them know that I would be out of town on Friday and would return all calls on Monday, so this was not something that I implemented without thinking through.

When I woke up, I knew I had a lot to complete in a few short hours.  I decided not to skip my morning walk.  This has become one of the highlights of my day!  Quiet....peace...a time of reflecting, a time of sharing my heart with God, a time that I know I am setting aside to keep in shape and give my body the exercise it needs.  I walked 3 miles and enjoyed it and kept giving myself a pep talk that I would not get stressed, I would get everything done in time and that I would be ready timely for my departure.  I wish I could say I remain unstressed as the day progressed...but I didn't, however I did the best I could with my agenda.  Water the yard, do laundry, pack, pay bills, go get a pedicure, do mending while getting my feet worked on, and get ready to head out.  The ladies at the spa were intrigued by my handwork...all I was doing was sewing on buttons that were loose on the top I was going to wear at the wedding, but this is such a lost art they said they had never seen it done.  Not to pick on a culture, but I was surprised as these were Asian ladies, who typically don't pay to get things done and are very skilled.  Aunt Connie was my kind shuttle to the airport.  We left 15minutes after the time I had "set" but made it even then earlier than anticipated to the airport.  I checked my bag as I didn't want to mess with the limited ounces for a carry on, even though it was a short trip, trying to find bottles for my things and not go over the limit, was not worth the effort!  

For the first time in all my years of flying, I felt sick...very, very, very nauseated! I can't say we had the smoothest flight, but it wasn't the worst I have had either.  I arrived at the airport and caught the shuttle to the Budget rental car facility (my first time to rent a car from this company and I can't say I was impressed), stood in line 30minutes waiting to pickup my reservation and finally an hour after arriving at the airport, was on the road.  I used my GPS Navigation on my phone a ton this weekend and it was accurate EVERY SINGLE time...which made me really happy!  As one who has always "printed" Google Maps out before my trip, this was really cool not to have to do!  As I took to the road, the days exhaustion was catching up with me.  I scanned the radio and found a christian radio station (K-LOVE) to keep me awake and heard some new music (to me) which helped me stay alert and focused, plus was encouraging at a time when I was starting to lack energy and enthusiasm for my trip.  The one hour drive to Fort Collins was uneventful and I checked in at my hotel that I had booked on  I had literally just walked out of the check-in desk area when Uncle Shawn called to see where I was. He said they were just fixing to eat at the rehearsal dinner and wanted to know if I was coming. I said I was, but would be late as I had just gotten my room and needed to get ready.  I was tickled pink that I actually did get a non-smoking room as I booked and as I made myself at home, I wanted to crawl in bed and call it a day.  I dropped my things, turned the lights out and laid there for 10minutes...tears falling from complete exhaustion and a hearts desire just to stay there but knowing that the reason for my trip and prearranged plans I had made would not permit me to do this.  I ironed my white linen skirt, freshened up and was on my way.  

Arriving at the facility where the rehearsal was hosted, everyone was done eating and listening to things being said by the groom's parents, and of course my late entrance was seen by all...not really a fun way to draw attention to yourself.  The older guy that catered the meal, a friend of the groom's family, did a fabulous job!  There were several types of meats (chicken, bison and lamb) along with green salad and orange cherry tomatoes (which were so sweet), a Mediterranean salad and red & green grapes. We all the about 9.30pm (10.30pm my time)...several were headed out to Starbucks, but I opted to head to late night caffeine or sugar for me (actually neither of these are on my current diet so it really had nothing to do with late night but that was never a habit of mine even when it was on my diet for that hour)!

I slept until 4am...better than some nights of late and especially for being out of town in an unknown bed, I was pleased it was that much...not sure when I drifted off back to sleep, but was thankful that I did and that I did not wake up until 8am.  I checked out the breakfast in the hotel, other than fruit & juice, it was not food I could eat.  I had already made plans to meet Elli for breakfast and we met at Denny's not too far from the hotel at 9am.  We split a skillet dish and smoothie and sat and chatted for two hours.  
Misty & Elli
Went back to my hotel and laid down for 30minutes in the dark...can't tell you how it felt so good to do nothing!  Got up and got ready to go pickup my cousins (Dustin, Brady, Lacey & Melanie) so we could head to met the other cousins (Josh & Ashley and two of Josh's friends) for sushi downtown at a place they said was really good.  Being a sushi lover, I was really looking forward to this.  Must say that the sushi at Suehiro was favorite of the two rolls I got was the Heart Attack roll.  Absolutely delish!!!  Their seaweed salad was good...but not the best I have ever had.  ;)  
Brady, Dustin, Misty, Melanie, Ashley, Lacey, Josh, Tom, and Dan
From there, I took Lacey & Melanie to the wedding site to get ready and we all hung out for a few minutes.    There were a lot of clouds forming and many with very dark looking formations that could dump their load at any time.  I was hoping that it wouldn't happen as the yard was pretty and they had put a lot of effort into getting it ready.  Dustin & Brady got a craving for we stopped and got them some ice cream!  Then I dropped them off at their hotel and headed to mine to take a nap before getting ready for the wedding.  I actually fell asleep!  I was getting ready for the wedding and Lacey called to see if I was close as it was time for family pictures...which I had not been informed of and since I was still at the hotel, was obviously not going to make in time.  I finished getting ready and headed to the wedding site.  I arrived, checked where I was assigned to sit, and what I was supposed to do with the candle lighting process with my cousin, Dustin, then chatted with guests until the wedding started.  The weather in Colorado was absolutely lovely!!!  Felt drastically cooler than Texas and was really pretty and green!!!  It was a little "warm" in the sun as we sat outside in the yard but the sun soon went behind a cloud and sunset happened during the ceremony.  The wedding was a vintage theme of creamy lace, chocolate, blue, and tan.  There were tables for all of us to eat a catered meal after the wedding with wedding party and family having assigned seating.  There were lace table clothes on the tables, candles and calligraphy name places with little rocks to hold them in place.  The food was absolutely outstanding and provided by Food for Thought!

Here are a few photos of the wedding:

Flower Girls
the wedding couple eating at their own private table
Bridesmaids Bouquet
Serving Line by Catering Company ~ Food for Thought
First Cousins ~ Misty & Miranda
official document: The Marriage License signed by Bride & Groom
ummmmmmm...payback is rough!
they walked down the isle way with everyone having sparklers was very pretty, the picture doesn't do it justice
Mischa & Kyle and Lavina & Dustin
Truman & Jessica Jean and Family
a really cute couple!  ;)  yah, I am a bit partial, I like them both a whole lot!!!

Hannah, Phoebe, and Lavina
I had not planned out being out late with my current fatigue and sleep issues...but didn't want to leave before the bride and groom left!  The couple finally got off a bit after 10pm and by the time I said my "goodbyes" it was 11pm before I was finally on the road and midnight (1am for my Texas body clock) before I got to my pillow...but oh, it felt soooooooooooo good!

The alarm went off at all too soon at 5.30am...entirely way to early! but necessary for me to get to the airport in time.  I was out of the hotel room by 6am, checked out of my room, grabbed an apple & banana and some orange juice, and was on the road by 6.15am to the airport!  Dropped off my rental car...took the shuttle to my terminal, checked my bag, went through security, got a yogurt parfait at McDonald's and was at the gate an hour early...then sleepiness hit me like a ton of bricks!  I wanted to curl up and snooze, but was so afraid to doze because the last thing I wanted to do was miss my flight.  We boarded timely and were off...(still wishing I someday will be able to sleep on a plane) I tried to read my book and only got a few pages absorbed...stop over in some more pages and took notes, and arrived in Dallas right on time.  

Michelle picked me up and we stopped for a bite at Cheddar's on the way home. I had yummy Grilled Fish Tacos!  Delish!!!  We made a stop on the way home and I was at me casa at 4pm.  I had turned the air up to 80* before I left town and was concerned about how hot it would feel to me when I arrived since the Texas heat is so scorching, but thankfully, it wasn't too bad!  I can honestly tell you that I am ready for my own bed...and will be grateful to sleep with my own pillow!

I am thankful for the safe travels and the opportunity to go and support Miranda Joy & James Nathan Epperson in their marriage to each other!  You always wish you could "have more time"...but in light of many things right now with me, my health and my work, the time was enough.

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