Sunday, September 18, 2011

You are an Adult!

I have been reflecting on the fact that when we are children, we long for the day we "become an adult".  We look at this time frame in the future as a point when we have finally arrived, whatever that really means, it is something we have in our head as important.  However, when we get there, somehow it isn't the same excitement.  

I mean, remember the day you just couldn't wait until you could have a checking account and write checks? Man, that seemed like you really had money then when you could write a dollar amount on this slip of paper and give it to someone for an amount you owed.  Balancing the checkbook was fun because you got to see how much you had!  And of course when you could DRIVE A CAR, now that was big!!!  You really were very important once you could drive a car.  What about the day when you could go to the grocery store and buy whatever food you wanted, now that was sweet!  However, life moves along, bills stack up and you suddenly say, "ugh, I need to write so many checks!" and for some who never really seemed to be intrigued with driving after the first 6 months, "could you please drive"?  And you mean to tell me that there is no more milk or salsa in the refrigerator and I have to go to the grocery store again???  I was just there last week!  LOL!  Don't are an adult!  Why don't you want all these responsibilities that you dreamed about when you were in your teen years?  

For me...I think we let life make things complicated...let me repeat...WE MAKE LIFE COMPLICATED.  We sign up for email notices, coupons, magazines, fliers, information, literature, etc that we really do not need and many times later do not want and they become an irritation to us and it stacks up like this mountain around our house and we can't seem to stay current on all the bills and paperwork.  What must we keep?  What must be file?  What can we shred?  Many times with the perspective that I will get to it later...but later and later and later down the road the pile is huge.  A task that now none of us want to attempt.  We loose focus that it is these little tasks every day that make up life and the importance of doing them ALL is important.

For you, what do you think causes this?  How can you bring back that zeal in your life to be an "adult"?  What steps do you take to be disciplined, orderly, and focused on the priorities and what is important?  Share your thoughts and ideas below!  


  1. My mom always told me, "do what you hate to do first." Not that I always do that mind you, but when I do, it gives me incentive to tackle another project and by the end of the day it's surprising how much you really can accomplish!

  2. Misty, great thoughts. Enjoyed reading this.

  3. Being a grown up is harder than I always thought it would be. I've learned that less is more. The more things we have, the more we have scheduled, the more I have to be responsible for, the more I have to clean & organize. The less I have the more time & energy I have for the things that are important to me.