Thursday, October 13, 2011

how do you help someone who is hurting?

How do you help someone who is hurting?  Going through a very difficult time in their life?  Facing insurmountable trials?  Can't see the forest for the trees?  Is more pessimistic than optimistic?  Has received blow after blow?  Wants to quit?   Thinks giving up is an option?  Wants to run far, far, far away?

We all have these moments in life and depending on the individual will react to them differently.  I know I have at various times depending on what I am facing.  I also know that though I have strong faith and believe that God is with me, I still have moments I doubt, am afraid, lack courage, don't see hope, get discouraged, find the everyday processes of life more of a task then a challenge to conquer.  The longer I live through these times, the more I realize that the person looking in may not see, probably won't comprehend, nor even has a clue what I am facing on my own.  So when you get a little window into their soul, a crack that opens up what is happening inside that shows there are struggles, pain, heartache, difficulties, a need...what do you do to help?  How can you help?  What should you do?
  • Pray for that person and ask the Lord to help you know how to be an encouragement
  • Take a meal over just because, maybe not even a hot one but one they can prepare later when the time is right for them
  • Offer to lend a hand with a task you know is probably behind, not caught up, overwhelming them, creating more chaos in their life
  • Send them an email, ecard or even a handwritten note in the mail to encourage and life their spirits
  • Contact via phone and if you don't get them, don't be upset, they might not be up to talking to you, you can still leave a voicemail and say the punchline there
  • Send a text message saying you love them, care for them, and are praying for them today; don't expect a response
  • Be willing to listen if they share.  Don't try to get all the nitty gritty details, seriously, they probably are tired of trying to review all of this with everyone when each of us have our own opinion about stuff and share it many times without thinking
  • Take them out for coffee, keep it short, don't overdue your willingness to encourage it just might be more than they can take
  • Offer to help, but if it isn't accepted don't be offended, it might be more than they can do to accept
  • Share one of your favorite verses from the bible
  • Give a gift card or a small gift just because to show you care
What ways do you try to encourage people that you know are hurting and not seeing the light in the dark days they are facing?  We all see different needs and I want to focus my efforts continually on encouraging others...I would love for you to share your ideas.

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