Thursday, November 24, 2011

be thankful...

Today is Thanksgiving...and though I believe we should be grateful and thankful every day in our hearts and express it, today is a day many take the time to really do just that.  At the prompting of a friend, I am going to write down 25 things I am thankful for:

  • thankful for God being my friend, walking beside me and giving me the strength to face the trials, difficulties, hard times, and press on in life
  • thankful for true friends, the ones that still call, write and want to spend time together even if I don't do my part to respond
  • thankful for the fill-in family I have, the ones that truly know what it is like to not have "blood family" and treat you like such
  • thankful for the doctors I can see to try to figure out what is happening to my body and how to make it better
  • thankful for the nights I do get to sleep and the feeling of rest it creates the next day
  • thankful for having my own little place to call mine
  • thankful for my clients and the opportunity to serve them
  • thankful for the abilities to work and make money to live
  • thankful for my morning walks each day that give me a fresh perspective and energy to tackle the tasks of the day
  • thankful for the skills my parents gave me in discipline and a good work ethic
  • thankful for the chance to begin new each morning with God's mercies
  • thankful for all those who reached out to me September 1997 and encouraged me, helped me, and supported me in starting a new life here in Texas
  • thankful for the memories I have with girlfriends who got married and moved on to other places
  • thankful for my salvation and all the Lord did to save me
  • thankful for Facebook and all the people I can stay in touch with and connect with through this social media portal that I would not be able to connect with as regularly
  • thankful that I don't live on a farm and have to grow and harvest my own food, I am a city girl
  • thankful for transportation that gets me to where I need to go so I don't have to walk there
  • thankful for all the great tasting food we get to enjoy
  • thankful to be able to pray anytime day or night to an all knowing God
  • thankful to have people who will listen to my struggles, provide thought and help me work through issues
  • thankful for networking friends who believe in me and my services and wish to support my business
  • thankful for a few days off because I am in need of a break
  • thankful for understanding employees who know that I am going through a lot right now and being patient with the stress I am feeling
  • thankful for a loving Granma who still is generous, loving and kind in spite of not understanding many things that have transpired in my family
  • thankful for Gods love to me

I know there are many more things to be thankful for, but today...these are the things I am grateful for!

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