Sunday, November 27, 2011

my thanksgiving staycation

This year, my Thanksgiving weekend was spent at home.  It is the only Holiday that is not booked with other christian activities (typically camps) and though one of my cousins wanted to make a trip with me to see our Granma & Granpa, I opted to skip that and do what is called the "Staycation".  Initially, I wanted to take off Wednesday through Sunday, but with some current work demands and important phone calls on Wednesday, that didn't happen...however I did take a 4 day no work spell, completely no business related work, though there were other tasks that were "work".

Thursday I enjoyed lunch and the afternoon & evening with Gilbert & Connie, Weldon & Lorrianne, Ronald & Shandy and families.  We had yummy food...lots of laughter (which I desperately needed) and sitting in the chairs being couch potatoes.  

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I stayed home...almost completely.  I had very few expectations out of myself.  I slept in.  I ate when I wanted.  I stayed in my pj's.  I didn't comb my hair, if I didn't want.  I worked on completing two knitting projects.  I did some filing.  Some shredding.  Some organizing.  Some blog reading.  Some napping.  Some thinking.  Some walks...long walks.  The problem is it nearly took 3 full days for me to get to the point that I was enjoying not working, not even thinking about work, and really in the mood of enjoying the time off.  I guess that means I have gone too long not taking a break???  Yup, I think that is what it means.  Time to change some bad habits.

Here is a list of items I wanted to complete during my staycation:
  • file all out of pocket RX claims to health insurance policy
  • write a letter again to The Genie Company regarding garage door opener that has not worked since February 2011
  • write a letter to American Honda Finance Corporation
  • update mileage log
  • finish all Birthday Thank You notes
  • do weekly search online
  • get finances up to date in Quicken
  • register all new Starbucks gift cards online
  • clean up my clothes closet
  • download all health insurance EOBs
  • request refund from Lab on overpayment
  • finish knitted blanket for Lee (Jill's baby)
  • finish knitted blanket for Jordyn (Veronica's baby)
  • do some shredding
  • do some filing
  • file all receipts
  • read some of my favorite blogs

Here is a picture of me on Friday playing "The Queen" with Gracie. I stopped by to drop off some things and we spent about an hour or so having fun.

Gracie & Misty
(wish I had taken the keys out of my left pocket so it wasn't bulging like that - ugh!)

Later in the day, I went and had frozen yogurt with Michelle, making use of the one day Groupon special for $5 worth at the cost of $3 of delicious Tart Frozen Yogurt! (my favorite...all I do is vary the toppings between fruit, coconut and pecans)!!!  I was still hungry after that so we went to Rosa's and split Beef Fajita Nachos.

Saturday I went and bought printer ink cartridges at 10% supporting the Small Business Saturday event...though I needed them regardless of the event.  I also stopped in Cato for a few minutes and found a much needed black skirt.

Sunday, I stayed home and in my pj's until almost 5pm...I went for my daily walk, very late and it was bitter cold.  I didn't accomplish much since I wasn't feeling well, but the knitted blankets for Lee and Jordyn are done!!! 

The weekend was needed.....and of the list of things I wanted to complete, I did nearly all of them but two...not too bad for wanting to do it at my own pace.

Now the important question...when will I schedule my next staycation?

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing, productive weekend. We just got home from Atascadero. We also had a relaxing weekend. Not as many gathered together as in past years as so many have moved to either TX or OK! But that's ok. We still had a great time. It was fun to read about your weekend. Stay warm! Love, Lana