Monday, February 6, 2012

{still dreaming} vacation anyone?

I am dreaming of a vacation...I feel I need to get one on the books or 2012 is going to fly by.  You laugh.  It isn't funny.  1/12th of the year is already over.  And need I remind you that I am a workaholic?  Well, I am...there are times I wonder why because that doesn't seem to be the norm.  Regardless, I decided to be proactive.  They say if you don't plan to do something, you never will.  So I will make a plan.  A plan for a vacation.

I know the owners of this really neat place in California called Journey's End.  I thought about booking a few days stay there, but when their only opening for this year was April or October 2012, I kinda didn't like that.  Oh, and the price, yah, the price was pretty steep.  I am sure it is worth it.  It is right on the water and has this lovely view with chairs to sit out in the sun and hear the ocean waves crashing, yah, I am dreaming about it!!!  I love water!  Maybe that isn't the fit for me this year.  I checked out Groupon Getaways...but everything is a special pricing for 2 (or maybe 4).  That doesn't fit me either.  I don't have 2 or 4.  Its just me.  Plain me.  I want relaxing.  I want quiet.  I want simple.  I don't want expensive.  I don't want busy.  I want peace.  I want no todo's.  I want no going and having to be anywhere at any given time.  Zilch of all of that.  I also am not sure I want social.  I think I just wanna run away and hide for a few days.  I need an escape.

You have another suggestion?  For now, I am still dreaming...


  1. Come to gorgeous Barboursville Virginia and you can have "zilch of all that"! Did you get my e-mail?

  2. Yes! I did...what a surprise. ;) I will respond when back in out of town on business.