Monday, March 19, 2012

your debt is not my debt

I never dreamed I would be doing this...but once again, sometimes you don't get to make those choices, life makes them for you, so I am.

You gave the Collection Agency my contact information and they called me last Thursday looking for you.  They would not release any information to me due to HIPAA.  I asked them how they thought I was going to release any information to them in light of the fact that I too am VERY aware of HIPAA Laws because of the industry I work in.  They stated I didn't have to answer the question, but they were going to ask.

I called you and got your answering machine and was in the middle of leaving a message and you picked up.  You are screening your calls.  I gave you the message that someone was looking for you and you needed to contact them.  I asked you why you gave them my information to which you replied: "Do not give them any information honey."  I don't have information to give them.  It is your debt, I know nothing about your personal finances.  I also am not your Power of Attorney.  

It angered me that you would do this to me, however, I should not be surprised.  You are my parents, but you are not acting in ways you taught me as a child.

The only way I know how to help you is to send you Dave Ramsey's book: The Total Money Makeover.  Will you read it? I don't know.  Will you listen to the Audio Book included?  I don't know.  Will you make a budget?  I don't know.  Will you attempt to pay down your debts, sell things you don't need, live on less than you make?  I doubt you will do any of this, but out of the Love I have for my Lord and Savior, this is the only way I can help.  I will serve Him because He has done so much for me.  You may hate me.  You may continue to say awful things about me and tell my brother to tell me them, I expect that.  I will send this to you anyways...even if your debt is not my debt.

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  1. So sorry Misty! I'm glad you can look to your Heavenly Father for comfort, since your biological parents are not the loving parents God intended them to be. Hugs to you, I know it is difficult!