Thursday, April 19, 2012

a surprise visit!

Last night, I was EXTREMELY surprised by some very close friends of mine...

I currently work out of town a few days every week (usually two, but the week this occurred it was to be three).  I enjoy working with this client as both my client and the team are very fun; they want to learn, they want help and they are kind.  The location is far enough that if I work late, it is best I get a hotel and not head home...and even if I don't, it is best because I get more rest and to bed at the hour I need to be there.  I also have my sessions on back to back days, which means that if I am just going to turn around and head back there early the next day, it doesn't make sense to spend the time on the road.  

Time is money.  Money costs time.  

Time is sleep.  Sleep costs time.  

I stopped by Wednesday morning on my way out of town to give Uncle Gib & Auntie Con hugs.  I felt with being out of town 3days that I was going to miss them a bunch and wanted to be sure and let them know that.  Uncle Gib asked if I would be working late since I was off to a late start that day, I said, "Heck no, I will be there 3days this week, not a chance!"  I was not aware of the fact that he was filling me out and that they were working on plans, I had not a clue what was cooking when he asked that!  

They left that afternoon and drove 90minutes to meet me at my client's office and hung out in the parking lot...waiting...and waiting...and waiting.  About 5.30pm, Auntie Con texted me and asked if I was still working, when no response came she said "poor baby, maybe tomorrow won't be so bad".  I wish I could write to you exactly what each of the texts she sent me said, but I recently had to do a phone reset back to factory settings because it wasn't syncing my email, so I lost them all.  

Meanwhile, I was in the midst of trying to fix a screw up I made.   I had questioned the billing Team why they didn't have the collection letters done yet for past due accounts and they kept telling me that it was taking a long time.  In exasperation I finally said, help me understand, its just a few clicks of the buttons to get these templates to print out, what is taking so long?  They looked at me, we are using the templates, but we have to input the patient name, address, balance due, etc and that takes a lot of time.  I said, Not those templates!  I said, Are you not using the templates I built last month in the database?  They said we don't know what you are talking about.  From there the pieces started to come together.  I had worked with one of the four team members last month at month end and created the templates, but had done the letters myself with only one of the team working with me.  I had not yet created a tutorial on the process or steps to achieve these.  I had not done training with all the team on how to use these and achieve quick results.  They were doing things the "old way" not the new way because their teacher didn't complete her tasks.  

Wow.  I felt horrible.  Like a complete failure?  I wasn't sure why I had forgotten to do this (other than too much on my plate), but it didn't matter, I felt awful.  Was I determined to get that tutorial made so that they could do it the easier way first thing tomorrow?  Absolutely...and so I was working feverishly at the computer trying to get these steps outlined and printed for each of the girls. 

I had stuck my phone in my purse right before 5.30pm when all this came down the pipe.  I never heard my text messages as I was working in my clients office where the servers are and its loud and if my phone is not right there with me, I don't hear the messages.

Auntie Con texted me some more things and finally about 06:50pm said, "I am serious, grab your purse and come join us!  We are in the parking lot waiting for you!"...after I still didn't come out, they said "We give up...maybe we will see you maybe we will not at the restaurant!"  They left to go hang out at the restaurant I frequent each week I am there.  

I got all these text messages from Auntie Con about 07:05pm and I couldn't help but just cry.  [a post for another day on my reaction to all of this]  My friends drove 90 minutes to surprise me and waited 2 hours in the parking lot for me?  Me?  They thought I was probably in a meeting so that is why they never came in...I am still in shock they waited so long.

They enjoyed the Italian restaurant a lot...probably just as much as I do.  The owner was having surgery, so they didn't get to meet him, but they did see how everyone treats me so well and now know where I work, where I eat, and where I sleep. Kinda made them feel better about my weekly business trips.

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