Sunday, May 6, 2012

a diet or a lifestyle?

May 2011, I saw my doctor and though I had made previous changes to my diet, we discussed and I learned that it truly was not enough to improve my health to the degree that I needed and wanted to.  I decided to be very disciplined and make those changes.  I have gotten lots of questions about "What are you doing?" since loosing 26+ pounds since that time frame.  Consequently, I have decided to blog about it.  

What is my secret?  It isn't one.  

What one thing am I doing?  It is a combination of things.

What do I believe contributes to my success at this?  Honestly, the discipline and determination to make it happen.

1.  Drink water.  As soon as I wake up, I drink a full glass of water.
2.  Walk every morning. I started with 1 mile and have increased it and how walk 2-4 miles every day.  On average it is 2-2.5miles or 25 minutes.  I drink another glass of water upon my return.
3.  Eat within 1 hour of waking up.
4.  Remove all forms of caffeine.  I currently have one cup of Hot Tea (typically Green Tea) in the morning.  This means that yes, though I absolutely LOVE coffee, I have removed it from my diet.  
5.  Continue to not eat Wheat and Sugar. I started this 2-3 years ago and have felt better.  Does that mean I never eat it? No, if somewhere I can't pick my own food, then yes, I eat wheat, but outside of that, yes, I avoid it.  Does that mean I am crazy and avoid all dressings and sauces?  No, but be reasonable and avoid them if you can and if you do use them, use them at a very minimum amount.  If I have any sweet stuff in my tea or oatmeal, it is honey or Raw/Natural sugar, but very, very, very limited amounts.  I have not had a dessert in I can't tell you how long!
6.  Drink as much water as possible.  More than the recommended 8-8oz glasses a day.  I strive for 12.
7.  Eat snacks between meals.  This doesn't happen too much for me, but I aim to make it as much as I can.
8.  Add another form of exercise.  I currently am doing Yoga 1-3 times a week.  I sometimes go for a short jog or run, at my own pace, sometimes in a stop and start kinda way (jog to the corner, walk to the next, jog to the next), around the track near my house.
9.  Take vitamins.  Don't be concerned with what brand and type, just take them.  You are probably like me and have tons of them in your pantry.  Use them.  Research the ones that are right for you later when you have used what you have!  If you don't, keep it simple and to about 5 of them:  a multiple Vitamin, VitaminC, Omega3s, VitaminB, and whatever else you might need or have a deficiency in.
10.  Get plenty of sleep.  Your body needs more sleep then you think it does to be efficiently running.  I aim to be in bed at 8.30pm.  I have the alarm set for 7.30am, but if I want to get up before that, then fine, if not, I am up then so that I can walk and eat and be ready for work in my home office at 9am.

When I provide a list of these things, I get one of two is either, is that all?  Yup, that is all.  Or it is, I could never do that, I love my soda, I love sugar, or I love bread.  Yup, most people do...but I don't like how I feel on it and so I have to tell you, I don't!!! The discipline is worth it, but you have to desire to make it happen. 

 You won't see results for 3-4 months, I didn't and I had been "eating healthy" for some time.  It does take time to get used to not eating wheat and sugar and to not crave it.  If you want encouragement, I will be here to support you.  Start with one of the 10 items and believe me, you will be starting new habits.  

Remember, it takes 27 Days to form a new habit!

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  1. Good job sticking with it Misty! I know it takes a lot of willpower to change habits. I have been trying to adjust my lifestyle to be more healthy, and it is HARD! The social life that we have seems to revolve around food quite a bit, and most of the time, that food focuses on what TASTES good, not what is necessarily good for your body and health. Anyways, good for you and keep it up.