Tuesday, August 28, 2012

pool rules

When I bought my HUD home, it came with a pool.  I have enjoyed using my pool and sharing my pool with others.  Some people are very kind and go out of their way to appreciate the fact that they use your pool, others don't seem to be so conscientious.  Unfortunately, I have been forced to implement the following so that everyone understands the simple rules.

Inn at Crestview Pool Rules:
  • Pool Sweep will remain in the pool at all times.
  • Return ALL floats or noodles to the shed and place floats on side against the wall so they drain dry.
  • Return Pole with Leaf Catcher to shed. 
  • Return Pole with Brush to shed.
  • Close shed door completely.
  • Return patio furniture and hammock to position they were in when you arrived.
  • If you rinsed off with the hose, make sure water is 100% shut off and not dripping.
  • Pick up all trash and belongings and take them with you.
  • Make sure gate latches behind you. Make sure string does not get caught in latch or next participant will not be able to get in.
Your cooperation makes this available to you free of charge.  Please be considerate!


  1. I wish I could use your pool. I'd follow the rules! Sounds divine!!! Have a nice day.

  2. I'd follow the rules, too! :)
    Love you and am praying for you, friend.