Wednesday, August 15, 2012

U & I

latest "home decorating" addition to my house

Uncle Gordy afficiated at Nicholas & Sarah's wedding and I will never forget something he said.  He mentioned that the two most important letters in the alphabet are U and I.  The thought really made an impact on me and I thought that was really cool! and the nugget has stuck with me for years.  

At the time, lots of places had numbers and letters that you could purchase...I bought the U & I pictured above on eBay from a Pottery Barn Collection.  I planned to put them in "my house someday" when a man joined my journey.  I have decided that I am not living for "my house someday".  I have bought my home in 2007 and it is a lovely house and I will make it the way I want it without a man.  I found the & at Target in July, but it wasn't the right shade of silver, but the right style and size.  I decided to spray paint it black, which I did this last Saturday.  Once I got that done, the U & I came out of the trunk and are now displayed on my living room wall as pictured above.  My life will be with U & I...You my friend and You my God.

What is a nugget that has stayed with you and that motivates you in your life?

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