Sunday, October 14, 2012

first walk after surgery!

I have been itching to go for a normal routine is 1.5 miles to 3 miles each morning.  Not having done this in over a week, I was anxious to go for a stroll.  Yes, a stroll because I know I do not have the stamina for my normal fast pace near jog.  

Walking puts a strain on your stomach.  Each step makes you feel the movement in your belly.  Normally, this would be nothing, but after abdominal surgery, it is huge!  I decided to go for it.  I walked 5 houses down, then 6.  I decided to do all 10 to the end of the block and return.  Several were concerned this would be too much for me, but I wanted to do it.  I wanted to try.  The sky was bright blue with sun and crisp green from the horrific rain we had last night.  As I neared the house upon my return, I knew that this took a lot of energy, but the accomplishment was worth the effort!  I look forward to building my strength to the normal daily walk routine, but know it will take time.  Today was one step towards that goal.

When I arrived back home, I went and sprawled out on the patio furniture in the backyard by the pool...exposing my incisions to the intense sun for some Vitamin D treatment.  After a spell, I just let the heat penetrate through my black clothes, the warmth on my belly and legs felt wonderful!  I so want to take care of myself to heal completely and I truly hope things continue to show signs of little bits of improvements daily as I believe I have seen the last few days.  The pain in my right leg did not lessen after this and I plan on contacting the doctor tomorrow.  It has been 3 days, something is not right, but I don't want to be alarmed, just observant, watchful and take precautions.

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