Tuesday, October 2, 2012

preparing for The Big Day

Today was my post operative appointment in preparation for surgery next week.  

When my doctor came in the room, he said, Misty, I am very grateful to see this day approaching.  I shouted to him, you and me both!  I told him how I was very much looking forward to surgery.  He laughed and told me to calm down and not be so loud.  I must admit I was pretty excited.  In all seriousness, he said he wasn't sure he has had a patient as excited as I am about getting this done.  He knows I have been in a lot of pain and dealt with these issues for a very long time and I have not had the best success with treatments.  He believes whole heartily that I will feel like an all new woman very soon! And I am anxious to feel that way too!!!

We discussed the necessary items to prepare for surgery and what to do.  I asked him what he was going to do if he finds endometriosis inside.  Endometriosis is not covered by my insurance and therefore there is a high chance that this surgery will not be covered.  I asked him to release me as soon as he can, even if I am not where AMA guidelines want me to be.  He clearly understood my request, but made it clear that if I vomit (as I typically do following surgery) he will have to admit me to stay over night.  I stressed the fact that I am looking at purchasing a car or another house and this the sooner I can go home, the better I am going to be!  He laughed and said, "Now don't give me angina Misty. I am liable to need some Valium before this is all done."  He got the message.  ;)

I am working feverishly, every day from when I get up to when I go to bed, to complete all tasks before surgery.  September would have been a challenging month with just a normal work flow let alone all the critical time sensitive projects we have had to complete!  Preparing to disengage for two weeks is harder than I thought it would be...

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