Monday, October 15, 2012

relieved, though no relief from leg pain

I called my doctor this morning to let them know that I was concerned with the leg pain I have experienced since Friday, though no ongoing swelling or reoccurring pink flush tones to the knee, the pain is still intense.  It is not normal. I don't have this kind of leg pain.  It feels like a head ache in the back of my upper calf and then a portion on my lower thigh feels like its pinched and if I could just grab it and squeeze it, it would feel better.  That's it.  I can walk.  I can move.  But certain times it kills.

I left a message.  It is Monday.  They are busy.  Probably have a million messages to return.

11am they called to get the details of my voicemail and said they would call me back later.  I figured after lunch I would get a call.

Jennifer came over and took me out to enjoy some sunshine.  We went and ate Ceviche at a local mom n pop mexican place, Antonio's.  We visited and chatted and talked some more.  She wanted some Passion Fruit Tea and so we did a Drive Thru Starbucks run.  No caffeine for me.  She needed to meet up to get something from a friend.  We did that and by this time, I was getting tired and ready to head back home.  

Still no calls.

When I returned, I had these gorgeous flowers waiting for me on my doorstep from a client!
flowers from Marcia & the team at Naturally Slim, Inc

I laid down, in the dark, quiet room, flat on my bed.  Awwwwhhhhhh...felt so good!  No sleep came, but I rested.  Then I decided to check my email.  Needed to respond to an email from a client asking for input on a plan of action as a staff member gave no notice and quit putting a strain on other team members to pull the 14 hour daily shift, so I got back up.  [Yes, I am taking two weeks off with no work and plan to keep that promise to my doctor, but I will be periodically checking email and tending to URGENT matters...especially for the clients that rate #1 and I don't have too many of those!]

About this time I got a call from the Imaging Center stating they hadn't heard from me and wanted to set me up an appointment...huh???  Imaging for, oh, my leg?  Yah, doctor sent an order earlier this afternoon and we needed to see when we could get you in, we can still get you in today if you want.  Yah, book it.  While we were still working out the details, my doctor's office was ringing me.  The nurse apologized for just getting back to me.  I knew Aunt Connie wasn't back from taking someone to the doctor so I called Jennifer and asked her if she was sick of me yet today and she came and we hurried off to the Imaging Center, Gateway, in Fort Worth off Rosedale.  

This is my second time to be to this center.  They have some really kind people.  The tech got me in quickly and asked me what I was feeling and when I had surgery.  She confirmed that you can not be too cautious, a blood clot is not something to mess with and you know your own body.  If you don't have this kind of pain, you don't.  She said not to be concerned about being a picky patient, you have reason to be.  This was comforting to me because I hate medical drama.  Of course she told me I was too young to be having a complete hysterectomy...what can I say, I know, some things in life you don't get choices about and believe me, it's a done deal sweet pea, let's move on!  ;)  50 minutes later, the tech informed me that she did not see any blood clots or water vessels, however she was not the one who would write the report, the doctor on staff would.  She stated a verbal would be given to my doctor and a report would follow in a few days.  If there were further issues I would either hear from them or my doctor.  This seemed like normal waiting protocols to me, that truly, sometimes just get old.  All this hurry and wait business.  Then she told me that if she had seen something or had the slightest concern of an issue, she would not be releasing me, I would have to hang there until diagnosis was made or be admitted straight to the hospital from there in an ambulance.  Ugh, now that was a good sign.

So I am relieved to have no blood clot or water vessel issue and am left to believe the leg pain is from the inflatable boots they put on your legs to supposedly keep circulation in motion during my 32 hour hospital stay.  

I plan to continue to prop my knee/leg up on my euro pillow at night to help ease the tension and keep my knee more "straight" as I like to curl my legs when I sleep.  I am going to continue to walk and massage the leg and hopefully with time this will ease up.

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