Saturday, October 20, 2012

yup, a raging head cold

12 days since surgery and I am now battling sickness.  I am getting little sleep and can't breath.  My head is bursting with congestion.  My ears ringing with stuffiness.  

Allergies have been raging such a war the last few days that I am now sick with a raging head cold.  

Ugh.  I was enjoying the relaxing time at home until the last few days of misery.  It has been so difficult.  My body aches.  I can't breath.  I am exhausted and can't sleep.  Food doesn't taste.  Sleep won't come.  I long to escape this agony from elm and ragweed.

Allergies, I was fine without you.  You can leave now, so I can breath, I can eat and taste my food, I can sleep.  I have had more than plenty of you!

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