Sunday, November 4, 2012

36th Birthday Weekend

Yup. I am 36.  Officially.  ;)

My birthday weekend started off Friday with Lorrie calling and asking me if I was at home and could join her for lunch at Panda Express.  What a surprise and a treat!  I was and so I asked if she could give me 5 minutes to get my hair in decent order [I have this bad habit of not doing it when I am working at my home office which is not smart because people always call or come to the door when I don't]!  LOL!!!  We had a nice time catching up and visiting for about an hour.  I don't believe I have ever done something just with Lorrie and it was fun.

I then made plans to be a couch potato at Gilbert & Connie's after my acupuncture session.  It was fun to visit and knit and just relax.

Saturday, I slept in.  I then worked a few hours and went over to Brent & Jennifer's for the evening along with several others [Martin & Cheryl, Jeff & Debbie, Devin, Tolley, Jonathan & Kristen, Gary & Debi, Daniel & Jessica, and Eric...Carrie came later].  They were having various forms of pancakes [Sourdough Pancakes, Aebleskivers, Danish Pancakes, and Yorkshire Pudding along with Chocolate covered Bacon, Sausage and Ham.].  We ate outside on the patio and the weather was absolutely lovely!!!  We then went inside and Jonathan played the piano and we sang...loud and for about 2 or more hours.  Wow...what fun!  I stayed up way too late!!!  It has been quite some time since I sat & stood around singing like that.  I enjoy singing with people who put their heart into it and are not afraid of how they sound or how you sound.  It was absolutely a bunch of fun.

Sunday, I slept in.  I was disappointed that meeting was canceled for an all day men's meeting...I had hoped to see everyone after not being up to being out since surgery!  I decided to go treat myself to brunch [a late breakfast] at Fuzzy's Taco Shop.  I love their Chilaquiles.  So YUMMY!!!  I then went into town and went shopping at a really nice shopping center.  I had a $50 Coupon for White House Black Market along with a $10 Birthday Coupon, $40 Coupon for Banana Republic, and a $15 Birthday Coupon for Ann Taylor.  I know those stores are not the cheapest places to shop, but I haven't been shopping in awhile and I decided to splurge on myself!  I had a blast!  I got two skirts, a little black shrug, two shirts and a dress!  My shopping excursion was 3 hours which wore me out.  I was tired but had dinner plans to go to Jeff & Debbie's.  I stopped by the house to put my leftovers from brunch away and freshen up and then was on my way.  Devin share's my birthday and since he was in town, Debbie thought it would be fun if I came over.  Travis & Sarah were there along with Dylan & Alison.  Winter came later.  I was the first to leave as I was really tired and my day along with the time change was catching up with me fast.  I came home and crawled in bed...thankful for all my friends who called, sent eCards, text messaged me, sent emails, wrote on my Facebook wall, and sang Happy Birthday to me...I am thankful for another birthday to celebrate my year and a very fun day!

Here is to a year of being 36 and my opportunity to serve the Lord!

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