Monday, November 19, 2012

6 week Post Operative Appointment

Today was my 6 week Post Operative Appointment from surgery.  My doctor was pleased with my healing and improvements.  He was grateful that I can tell a difference and don't regret the surgery.  I only regret not having done it sooner!  He stated he could tell a difference in my coloring.  Now the goal is just to get somethings at the right levels to improve body performance with some more adjustments to medications.  Will re-evaluate in January after more bloodwork.  

I am very grateful for the improvements I have had in my health.  Though it is not perfect, I have seen dramatic results.  I have been sick twice now since surgery, probably a combination from still trying to do too much even though I have tried to pace myself and from the fact that my body has been majorly tweaked with hormones that have to be adjusted.  Thankfully the strep test today was negative so I will continue my routine to treat this sinus congestion and head cold.

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