Friday, November 9, 2012

my friend Jennifer...

Do you ever just stop and reflect on your friends?  Maybe like me, one comes to your mind and as you reflect on your friendship you are overwhelmed by how much the person means to you?  Yah, they probably would die if they knew you were blogging about them too, but hey, maybe then in a small way they would know how you feel about them once they read the thoughts you have and realize that you really matter a TON to them in spite of the lack of phone calls, lack of email updates, lack of dinner dates or sharing a newfound recipe, lack of time spent working on a knitting project or card stamping class...

I am not really sure when Jennifer and I became friends.  I know the "first" real thing I can remember doing with her was when she was willing to go and check out a serger sewing machine (that was listed in the classified ads in a green sheet like paper) with me since I had little to no experience working on them and I wasn't sure I would know if it was a good one and how to test it out.  I was raised sewing, but we had never owned one.  At that point in my sewing career, I had not worked very much on a serger.  So this was our first event to do something together.  She picked me up and we headed that way.  I felt like a stranger riding with someone whom I didn't know hardly at all.  We went to this ladies house, way out the east side of town just as it was getting dark.  Jennifer sewed on the machine and tested it out.  She told me a few pointers and bits of information as she did so.  Since I didn't know her really well, it was so hard to know what she truly really thought of it and read between the lines.  Did she really think it was a good deal?  Would she buy it?  How do you ask these questions directly in front of the seller?  I didn't.  I was early in my working career and felt like $175 was a lot of money and I didn't know whether this was a wise investment or not for a used product.  The seller stated she had only sewn like 10 hours on it and of course I had no way to know if that was a true amount of hours for the shape it was in.  I left there telling the lady that I would think about it.  I still wonder to this day what Jennifer thought of me doing that.  Later that night, I decided I wanted it and that I would sacrifice the $175!!!  I called the lady back and told her I would be by the next day to pick it up but she was vague as to if she would hold it for me or not.  I was a bit disappointed, but had to realize that this was what I got for not making up my mind on the spot.  In the end, I got it plus several spools of serger thread all for $175.  And guess what???  I still have this serger today!  It has been an awesome machine.  The only issue I have at times is threading the stupid thing and making it work with all 4 threads. LOL!

Okay, so let me move forward.  That in my memory is the 1st event Jennifer & I shared in our friendship together.  Since then I have learned much from my friend.  She has:

  • introduced me to sushi...something now that I love emmensly!
  • inspired me to learn to knit socks even though I was an avid knitting teacher at a local quilt & knitting shop - I had never attempted this...though I have yet to complete them
  • told me about a great investment representative who I moved my porfolio to when the person who had been my rep passed away
  • introduced me to a fabulous sweet Realtor who ended up being the one working with me when I bought this house
  • reviewed my home loan options and paperwork with me so that I would now be "educated"
  • gave me a referral to a great home inspector
  • helped me patch a bad spot in my ceiling in my "new" house
  • helped me learn to lay laminate wood flooring
  • her & her husband spray painted my ceilings and cabinets with a fresh coat of paint
  • helped me till the front flower bed when I moved into my new place
  • gave me pool advice 
  • referred me to a great alternative hormone doctor
  • taught me how to make Kombucha
  • introduced me to Cottage Cheese with Applebutter on top (Absolutely Yummy)
  • replaced my kitchen facet with a new one that was not leaky and was cute too
  • shared books with me
  • introduced me to one of my favorite authors...Karen Kingsbury
  • introduced me to oysters, though I didn't end up liking them!
  • offered assistance in many other forms (I bet I will remember a bunch more once I complete this post!) and I must say that I think I have only been able to return these great tips advice, assistance on like 2 or 3 occasions.  But I hope she knows that she means a lot to me!!!


Do you ever stop to think about your friends? you ever tell them??? ...why do we keep that secret inside?

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