Monday, December 3, 2012

Jury Duty

Today, my work schedule will be different. I have Jury Duty.  I called Friday night to the automated system and the sessions were not canceled, so I must show up.  Will I get picked?  Who knows.  My business attorney told me that it is amazing how many cases finally have decisions made when they know that the jury is sitting in the next room.  She said for some reason it create a pressure that people respond to.  Though our system is not  flawless it is better than many and we need to be grateful for it.  If you were someone who had a case going before a judge, you would want willing jurors on it to serve.  

I served November 2005 for 2 days, though the whole process took 3 days.  I am hoping that the Court House has WiFi so I can work and get a few things done, but if not, I will have my knitting and a book with me.  

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