Wednesday, January 9, 2013

3 months since surgery

Today marks 3 months since surgery! I am beyond grateful & thankful to God for the improvements in my health. I only wish I had done it sooner! 

I have been asked how I am feeling, how I am doing, and what has improved since October 9th, 2012...and there is so much!  In a nutshell, I am feeling tremendously better!!!  I am doing as well as I can be, if not better than I expected.  I have improved dramatically in the area of sleep, bleeding and pain.  Am I now living in a perfect body?  No.  Do I still have pain?  Yes.  Pain like I had before?  Absolutely not!  Do I still have struggles with my health?  Yes.  I still have allergies.  I still have disease.  I still have hormone battles.  I still have workaholic tendencies that creates stress on my body.  However, the health issues I am facing are not of the magnitude or degree I had previously been facing day in and day out, that was totally draining my body of any energy, zapping my will fight to live and a care to want to on top of exhaustion from an inability to get rest.  The difference is dramatic!  So much so that both people who have not seen me in a long and those that see me regularly have commented on the difference. They state that I just look more alive and radiant.  I have to agree.

Special Love and Thanks to all my friends who prayed for me...checked on me...and helped me along the way.

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