Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dad is still in ICU

I appreciate your ongoing prayers for my Dad and for the situation as he remains in ICU. Due to various reports and ongoing conflicting information between what my Mom is telling others and what the Hospital has confirmed, I do not have any additional information that I am able to report at this time as true facts.  Dad may have had a mini stroke, but he may not have.  There may be a chance that Dad had has a small aneurysm, but again they need to run tests to determine this.  As of now, Mom is not permitting them to do so and the hospital is at the point they are going to have to release Dad if she is not going to let them treat him.  She has Medical Power of Attorney.  What I don't understand is until yesterday, Dad has been coherent and able to converse (according to nursing personnel), so I don't know why she would be allowed to overrule what they need to do on Dad or why he has no say.  However, the report I received today is that he is now not eating and is not responding.  It appears that he may be giving up.  I should know more details later in the day.  

I covet your prayers as I deal with this stressful situation full of drama.  I wish I could explain more.  Please trust that there are reasons I cannot yet.

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