Friday, January 18, 2013

pray for my Dad

I received word yesterday via text from Aunt Jessica that my Dad has been dealing with Kidney Stones.  The pain got worse and my Mom found him slouched over the tub, evidently having been vomiting, but could not get him to respond.  She called 911 and they took him to the Hospital.  She told Terry that they kept him for observation, but in reality it is more serious as he has a brain aneurysm.  I received a phone call from Mom early this morning, to let me know that information and that they have moved him "down the hill" to another regional hospital in CA.

Having been woken up from sleep, I wasn't in full fledge alert thinking mode, but I told Mom that I would pray for Dad, for her and for the doctors involved in the situation.  She asked that I contact my sister Mindy.  I let her know that per Mindy's request, she doesn't want to hear from me and I have not talked to her in two years and don't even know if the number I have for her is valid.  I did send her a text to let her know that Mom has a message she wants me to relay to her and to please let me know how to get this to her as she had previously asked me not to contact her.  I have had no response.  

I asked Mom if she was aware that Dad sent me a letter in November, to which she said yes he gave a copy to her, my brother Terry and sister Mindy.  I asked if he received my letter in December and she said, yes he did.  I am grateful to know this!

I am requesting you my friends for prayers for him and for the doctors.  My Mom can exaggerate medical issue dramatically and I don't always know what to believe or not believe.  I am not going to elaborate further on that here as there is no need, but believe me when I tell you that if I gave you specifics, even things she said on the phone today, and you would shake your head.  If you will pray for me too, that would be greatly appreciated! 

Not all of you know or understand my family situation, however, I got a letter from my dad 11.16.2012 asking for forgiveness [after being told I was never welcome back in their home and not hearing, seeing or speaking to him in 15 years]. I mailed a response 12.15.2012 letting him know that I appreciated his letter, accepted his apology and request for forgiveness, and prayed that he may come to a place of peace with regards to his life and part in our lives and put that behind him so that he may press on to live a life full of abundance in His blessings! If this is his time to go, I pray that he has found rest in this and the peace God gives each of us. 

Thank You to all my friends who love, care and support me through this journey that has been in many ways a difficult one with lessons, heartache, struggles, and truth to learn. My relationship with God, who is the one in control has deepened, He is my strength, who loves me beyond words, understands, and wants the best for me, more than anyone!


  1. Dear Misty,
    I will certainly pray for your you and your dad and your whole family. I have fond memories of living down the street from you all. It's sad where sin can take any one of us. I hope your dad is peaceful. Keep us updated. Love, Lana

  2. Yes. Praying. Love you all. Keep us posted. Love,Darlene