Monday, February 18, 2013

the true meaning of james 1:27

A relative of mine posted on Facebook last Monday after my Mom postponed/canceled the Memorial set for Friday, February 15th, 2013:

Anyone out there believe this passage?
James 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

To the average individual, it would look like this person was reminding us all of something.  To the person who wasn't related, who didn't have inside details, who didn't know the truth, they wouldn't see the open rebuke and criticism.  

The verse holds truth.  It is a command to each of us that love God.  However, the details behind the post is what makes that information hard to read.  

I had heard from others about the post before I actually saw it myself due to the fact that I was working against the clock up until my departure last Wednesday for Nevada, Arizona and California and a 5 day Vacation to see Friends and Family and spend time out in Dumont Sand Dunes in Baker, CA.  I hadn't seen the post until today.  Though I can appreciate the truth in that verse, I can't appreciate the message that person was trying to send, why?  Because I know more of the details behind it.  

The widow is my Mom.  

The people this person believes are not living pure religion and being defiled are me, other family and "the Christians".  This person believes that a Godly daughter would not be in this position with her Mom.  Loving Christians would do all they possibly could to help out someone in need, experiencing affliction and distress.  

The fact it this:  I believe there are are many of us who believe this and live this out in our daily lives!  Not every situation is at it seems and not everyone knows all the facts as to what they make judgments on.  I know that God is loving and kind and takes care of those who are His and who seek Him with their whole heart!!!  His grace, love and mercy is infinite to those who claim it!!!

I know I want to show the Love of God to my Mom, and I plan to do just that.  I want to show her the forgiveness God has for each of us even though she doesn't walk that out in her life with me.  I know I don't know what it is like to loose a spouse, but I know what hurt and pain are like and that God is the only one who can fill that hole.  I know that to be spiteful back to my Mom will only increase the drama and will not be pleasing to the One who has paid for all my sins.  

Though this relative has an opinion and viewpoint of the situation, I am keenly aware that not all the facts are known nor is the situation fully understood therefore the judgment is biased and not completely accurate.  I can and will be loving in spite of this added element to an already complicated picture.

So what is the true meaning of James 1:27?  

Is that to just give someone everything because they are an orphan or widow?  

Is that to just take their word that they are hard up just because they are an orphan or a widow?  

Is that to not consider the situation and take all reports into reflection just because they are an orphan or a widow?  

Is that to believe that the truth is always being told just because they are an orphan or a widow?  

Is it to ensure they face no hardship in life just because they are an orphan or a widow?  

Is it to not hold them accountable for their own responsibilities just because they are an orphan or a widow?

What do you believe the true meaning of this verse is?  Do you believe you live it as you should?

Real, true religion from God the Father's perspective is caring for the orphans and widows who suffer needlessly and resisting the evil influence of the world. - The Voice

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