Tuesday, March 5, 2013

car has arrived at the Auto Body Shop

Why can't people do their jobs?  Why is it anymore that a person's word no longer means anything because they don't hold to it or back it up?  You ask what am I referring to?

When I logged my claim for the auto accident I had on 03.01.2013, I was told a tow truck would be out within the hour.  That didn't happen.  In fact, a tow truck never showed up from my Insurance Carrier, even after I called back a second time and was told they would be there in 10 minutes.  They called 3.25 hours later to see if I still had a need when I was 2 blocks from my house.  I was told my vehicle would be taken first thing Monday morning to the Auto Body Shop.  That didn't happen.  When I called to check the status of things at 5.30pm yesterday, I was told by the Auto Body Shop that my car had never arrived.  I called the wrecking yard and was told my car had never been picked up. I then called my Insurance Company to find out the status and why things were hung up.  They initially told me that because I had not signed out the car they couldn't tow it.  I told them that was not true as I had signed for it at 2pmCST on Sunday, March 3rd.  I asked what else needed to be signed for.  They then transferred me and I was put on hold for more research to be done.  They came back and told me that she had called the towing company and that my car had already been towed.  At this point, I lost it and went off on the lady.  I asked her why she would lie to me.  I told her that she didn't listen to one thing I had said in the line up of events.  She then put me back on hold and called the wrecking yard and confirmed that yes my car had not been picked up yet.  She then called the Auto Body Shop and said that they had an after hours lot that a vehicle could be dropped off at and so she would arrange for it to be towed ASAP.  

I was frustrated.  It  seems that even though you pay money for service, nobody gives a rip about doing things right or as they say will happen.  Nobody cares.  

I learned this morning that they indeed towed my car last night but there was not an open gate to leave the vehicle and so they towed it back to Duncanville last night.  It was retowed this morning after my adjuster got my email and contacted a supervisor to get the situation resolved.  

The estimate will be generated today, after a complete assessment and they disassemble my car, which they should begin tomorrow.  They will not know until then if it is repairable or totaled though they are thinking they can fix it.  I will go by later today to sign paperwork.

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