Tuesday, March 19, 2013

extreme gratitute

I continue to rejoice!  I am beyond grateful and counting my blessings over and over for the things the Lord has worked out for me lately after several events that have been very challenging and difficult, particularly with the 5 month fight with my Health Insurance with regards to payment processing for the claims related to my surgery back in October 2012.  

God had a plan from the beginning and I have trusted that whatever happened would be the way He wanted it to be.  He knew all the little details.  He knew my Insurance was going to deny payment.  He know that it would take a fight to get it reconsidered.  He knew I had the experience and the skills to provide an effective and successful argument; however it is also very well known that even effective arguments are not won and that in the end this might not be in my favor.  I appreciate Him looking out for me.  Though I have Endometriosis, this was not the final reason we decided to do surgery and therefore for insurance to bundle it all was inappropriate and in the end, I won because I fought with facts and details of my condition and I trusted God to do the rest.  

The Lord truly answers are prayers when we trust Him and let Him answer in His time.  It was not something I figured would end in my favor, but I was determined to try, even if that meant up 3 Levels to get an effective response.  I was going to do it.  I knew in the end, it would take God to do His work on my behalf.  He did.  It only took 2 Levels to reach a favorable decision.

I am daily grateful.

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