Friday, March 22, 2013

more communication w/Mindy

text messages from Mindy:

If I had known you were in regular contact with our marked family I wouldn't have called you about Granma's death.  I would have known (assumed) you were contacted, fyi.

me:  What's regular contact?

Mindy: Years worth.  In person visits.

me:  Well that's an assumption. I am friends with Aunt Donna on FB & Carrie on FB.  1st time I talked to Aunt Donna was maybe 6 months ago.  I do not have email or phone numbers for Carrie & Trish.  D&D are no longer marked...not that that means anything to me anymore but don't know what you know.  Love you sis!

[My prayer:  Lord please help me to show your love to her through this!]

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