Saturday, March 9, 2013

repairs on car have been started...

The repairs on my car have been started.  At this point, they believe that they can fix it and will proceed at doing so.  The estimated repairs are at $6K at the moment with the value of the car approximately $15K.  I learned that since the lady I hit has coverage with the same automobile insurance that I do, they waive the deductible.  This is a $1K savings for me!!!

I was put in a White Chevrolet Captiva last Saturday and I went to Enterprise today to see if I could exchange it for a car.  Don't get me wrong, it is a nice vehicle and I have enjoyed driving something different, but I wanted to save the $4.19 I am having to spend a day over the allowed amount my insurance covers in the daily rental, plus I have been spoiled with very good gas milage and this sports utility vehicle is costing money I am not used to spending on fuel!  I filled up today and it was $65!!!  Alas, they did not have a car available for me to trade out.  Maybe if I had planned this earlier in the week it might have worked that way, but since I have been out of town and wanted to wait until I had gotten word on the repairs on my car, I didn't want to jump the gun too soon.  In the end, they lowered the cost of the car and left me in what I am driving.  So a partial win.  See what happens when you ask?

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