Thursday, April 4, 2013

trip to Utopia, TX with Jennifer [day1]

When I had surgery last October 2012, one of my friends [Jennifer] recommended I watch a movie on her Netflix account.  I did.  You can read my nuggets and takeaways from that film here.  

The movie was an emotional experience for me.  It moved me and impacted my life tremendously and significantly.  After watching the movie, I did some research on the film as it is a real place here in Texas and is based on some facts, not 100% made up.  I was amazed at the thought that went into the movie.  Jennifer came over and saw me during my surgery recouperation and I shared a lot of the information with her.  The more we talked the more Jennifer wanted to go there when she learned it was a real place and "In Texas"!  We made conversation following that day many times about going there "someday".  I finally told her a month ago lets quit talking about it and make a date.  We did:  April 4th 2013 - April 6th 2013.

In case you haven't seen the movie, I won't give away the punch line, but as one who can count how many movies I have seen, I would recommend this one, highly recommend, this one and tell you it is one of my top 5 [even if everyone laughs at me and says how can you say it is one of your top 5 when you probably have only seen 5?].  Technically, I have seen a few more than 5 and yes, it still is one of my top 5!!!  

In preparation for the time, I told Jennifer that I wanted to make a list of my lies and bury them.  The website for Seven Days in Utopia says you can mail in the lies and they will bury them for you if you can't or don't want to make the trip to begin your sacred journey.  Read this link if you want to learn about it.  A week before our trip, I finally began making my list of lies to bury.  You can read the post my 15 Lies buried at Buried Lies Cemetery in Utopia, TX.  This was an incredible experience and I will save those details for another blog post otherwise that will consume the rest of the page here and you won't get the details of our trip.

We headed out Thursday at about 1pm.  We had no agenda and no details on having to be anywhere at any time.  Enroute we decided to stop at the outlet mall and shop for maybe two hours?  It was fun!  We proceeded to take I35 south towards Austin and when we were approaching traffic, Jennifer suggested we take the loop that bypasses all that.  I told her give me directions and we would go.  Well the GPS said to hang left and it didn't look right or feel right and I went right.  Opps.  No going through the bypass, we now were stuck in traffic.  Ugh.  Or was that a plus because if we had done the bypass we would not have then eaten at Torchy's Taco's???!!!

...BTW:  Jennifer took most all of the photo's on the trip, so I will insert pictures later.

We chatted the entire way to Utopia, TX...didn't run out of things to talk about and many times were interrupting each other with all the details, extra comments, and don't forget to let me tell you about this subject either.  Yup...that's what happens when you don't spend enough time with your girlfriends!

We had a great drive down and arrived at our bed and breakfast that evening a little after 9pm.  The place was quiet, quaint and the hosts were very friendly!  We unloaded and crawled in for the night!

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