Saturday, May 18, 2013

garage sale efforts #2

I did a garage sale yesterday and today with my friend Debbie.  I have done several sales at my house and this one was by far the slowest one ever!!!  The goal was to sell out on my leftovers from the sale I did in Pecan Plantation a month ago with Shelley.  No such luck, but it was a good attempt!  I made $84, Debbie did $285 and my neighbor across the street did $61.  In reality, it isn't too shabby when you combine the 4 things Debbie has sold for me on eBay and the funds I made in one day in Pecan Plantation.  $914!  

Sweet is right!  My goal to simplify my belongings is paying off...all going towards an extra house payment.  One dollar at a time.

Enjoyed the time with my friend Debbie and the conversations, sharing of our faith with the people who came to shop and several who shared theirs with us that got the conversation started!  So fun to meet other like minded Christians who believe in God, trust God, and want God apart of their life!!! Yup...the time was good.

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