Saturday, May 11, 2013

light vs dark

Have you ever given much thought to the differences between Light and Dark?  They both have uses and they both have their place.  

light is white.  dark is black.

light makes things visible.  dark makes things obscured.

light gives energy.  dark brings rest.

light creates an airy feeling.  dark brings more of a closed in feeling.

light brings air.  dark brings a feeling of no air. 

light bring warmth.  dark brings coolness.

there is no argument when you walk into the room with light who has to leave...the dark can't stay in the light, not possible.

When you think of Light vs Dark, what comes to mind?  Do you have any analogies of Light vs Dark?  

As I think about the traits of both of them and how God created us to be "lights in a dark world", it is obvious that some of the characteristics of these terms can bring a strong visual image of how we are to live our lives.  Is your Light on?  Or have you turned it out?  

Go be a Light in this Dark world!

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