Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

I got the priviledge of being asked to join some friends on their Memorial Day Weekend Road Trip.  The week was a very stressful one and at one point I thought I seriously was going to be making a mistake if I went even though I desperately wanted to because an employee quit, I had a speaking engagement, the house was a disaster (still is), I was going on a 3 day business trip and when was I going to do laundry and pack???  Yah, impossible even for superwoman!

Sometimes I don't take deep breaths very well.  Or at all.  I find myself not breathing.

Awwwhhh...but I needed a break.

We had some really great conversations on the drive up to Joplin MO. Friday Night we went out to dinner at UnderCliff.  It was a gorgeous evening with yummy food and drinks!  We sat out on the patio until a table was ready for us chatting and enjoying a drink in the lovely weather...

I stayed with Andy & Kimmie and really enjoyed getting to know them more.  We did a lot of laughing...and bunch of nothing!  

Saturday I got to go with Jenn to get a few groceries at the store.  We had a talk, one of those quiet girl talks when one person is crying, I reached over and grabbed her hands and said let's pray.  We did.  Awwwhhhhh, I love friendships like this where you can be real!  True real friends.  Where you can share and know the other person understands.  There is nothing like them.

Saturday Night we did a cook out at Bill & Polly Roy's. The following are pictures from that evening...

guys enjoying guy talk out on the patio...

gals having great conversation inside...

Photo: Sweet friends enjoying an evening together!!

some of the kitchen cleanup crew...

Photo: Relaxing


That was my #1 Goal all Weekend  =  NOTHING else

more patio time in great weather and lots of great conversations!

On the way out of town on Monday, we stopped by to see some of Jennifer's family at their Family Reunion at the park.  Her dad took us out for a ride in this fun car!  Even with my hair pulled back in a bun, it got whipped around.  Such a classic!!!

going for a ride!

You aren't gonna believe this...but I didn't take my laptop and I didn't work after we got out of Fort Worth.  No checking business email or taking phone calls.  None.  

Maybe I am learning how to take breaks...every now and then?

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