Saturday, June 1, 2013

my blogging

I started blogging because I wanted to have a way to reflect on the monumental trips I made in my journey.  I wanted to document the fun things in memories.   Weddings.  Trips.  Company.  Etc.

Blogging grew from my original vision.  It became way for me to have an online journal for me to write and share the experiences I have in life, to reflect on verses that meant something to me that day, a thought that was a great concept, a quote that had depth of meaning, a way to share thoughts and things I think about, a visual board of things that inspire me, a way to interact with my friends in the rest of the world virtually, a way to express the courage I have to press on in this journey.

I love Blogging.  I get behind in it at times and don't get to do it as much as I want to.  I am trying to schedule weekly blogging time as it is something I benefit from and is a good source of "me time".

However, if you have followed my blog, you will probably start to see a change as I open up more on some things.  Things I have not shared before, things I am working through, new believes and truth I have uncovered.  If it becomes too difficult for you to read, feel free to not.  I don't write for a following.  You are welcome to follow or subscribe, you are not obligated to as my friend.  Please know, you will not hurt my feelings if you do or don't.  It's your choice.  I still love you whatever you decide to do.

My blog was not created for you.  It was created for me.  

Having said that, I like the interaction when people comment, but I don't expect it.  Everyone has a different viewpoint of the public forum online.  My perspective is really simple: every bit of that was logged by God so why do you feel leaving it off the internet makes it okay?  Just a thought to think about today.

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