Sunday, June 16, 2013

no condemnation

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  
- Romans 8:1

What does this mean?  No Condemnation?  I think sometimes we hurry through simply verses that have a lot of meaning.  That really if we thought about the words, the message of what those words mean, if we lived them out, we wouldn't feel the things we feel.

Me included.

If you are IN Christ Jesus, you have no condemnation.  How can you be "in" Christ Jesus?  
When He is in You...You are In Him.

No condemnation = 
  • It means there is no blame.  
  • It means there can be no adverse judgement on you.  
  • There can be no disapproval of you.
  • It means you are liberated.  
  • You are exonerated.  
  • You are released.  
  • You are discharged. 
  • You are free.
  • It means you are made clear.
  • There is no guilt.
  • There is no sentence for you.
  • No punishment.
  • You are fit.
If you have feelings that you are blamed, judged, disapproved, imprisoned, bound, discolored, defective, blemished, obscured, guilty, sentenced, penalized, punished, unfit...these are not in or of Christ Jesus.

So therefore who are they in?  These are the characteristics of those who are NOT in Christ Jesus.  God did not come to condemn the world.  The world isn't Christians.  It is everyone.  So if God didn't condemn the world, why do you condemn others, or even yourself?  Since I am in Him and cannot be condemned, why is there condemnation for me?  There isn't.  Not by God.  There especially shouldn't be any condemnation by God's people who are in Him.  Those who are not in God do not know or understand the concept of no condemnation so I would expect they would have condemnation because they don't understand it.  But those who are in God should understand no condemnation, because they KNOW they are not condemned.  It is really simple, if you are IN Him, you have no condemnation.  None.  If you have no condemnation how can you put condemnation on someone else?

God came for you to be...
  • Blameless.
  • Without judgement.
  • Approved.
  • Liberated.
  • Exonerated.
  • Released.
  • Discharged.
  • Free.
  • Clear.
  • Guiltless.
  • Without sentence.
  • Without punishment.
  • Fit.
I challenge you to make your own list, as I did.  In Jesus have NO CONDEMNATION!  You are approved and completely free.


  1. So very well said! You are blameless and free in Christ and I've enjoy watching you discover that freedom. As we realize there is no condemnation and we walk that out, the layers of bondage come off and then a peace covers us. God's truth is SO simple. Why do men pollute it with their opinions? Thanks so much for sharing!