Sunday, July 28, 2013

a 3 hour lunch with friends

[left to right]
April, Leslie & Me

Today was an absolutely fun day!

April is in town for a few days and she met up with Leslie and I at Olive Garden in Fort Worth.  We spent nearly 3.5 hours over lunch!!!  April shared with me what she has been facing in life and what decisions she has had to make and how she has learned so much about God.  She shared more of her childhood and siblings connections with me.  Leslie and I have chatted a few times when we have been at the Assembly, but this is the first time I really had a deep conversation and got to hear her story as it relates to her and her fiance, Bobby.  She told us that there is no way she was going to make it through telling her story without crying.  April said it well, I love emotion, it makes a true story!  She shared Bobby's decision to give his life to God and serve God.  This choice has impacted his life in so many ways.  It is another reminder that no matter the mess you come from, you still have a choice and you can choose to allow God to put the broken pieces back together.  

I couldn't help but think of my brother.  Wish he had this perspective.

The night before April's Wedding, March 2003, was the night I shared my story with Jeff. Interesting that I would see her during this time when I am doing counseling to move forward with telling my complete story?!!!  I am continually amazed at how God works things out and His timing.

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