Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 1 in Franklin

I set my alarm for 9am.  I wanted to try to "sleep in".  Hmmm...not much of a chance at that, body clock alarm up at 7am.  :) I decided not to fight it, but laid in bed, enjoying not having to get up, enjoying the chance to reflect, pray and have my bible reading in bed, in the quiet.  I read John 15 and Hebrews 12.

Got a few texts message from my brother.  

"Hello.  Been waiting for your letter.  After Dad has gone I do not want to talk much unless there is a need.  Everybody seems to be making my life difficult.  And once again I'm sorry I have a life.  Hope that you and who ever you are associating with are having a good time.  May God be with you.  If I am wrong I hurt.  If I am right I get persecuted. I have set my sights on calamity.  I have no other option.  Good day."

As hard as it was to read those words, it is harder to write them and share them with you.  Tried desperately to get him out of his funk.  I asked questions to try to get him to talk.  I told him that I loved him.  I told him that I know that he is depressed.  I told him that I would pray for him.  I gave him references to read [from just where I had been reading, John 15:5-8, amazing how God works, huh???]...I told him I wished I could see him and give him a hug.  So eHug!  

No response.  Or should I say, no favorable response or acknowledgement of what  I said.  Only a reply had I ever read Lamentations.

I knew I had to get moving and go for a walk or the interaction I had had with my brother would start a trend of some negative thoughts, emotions, and memories inside of me.  I needed to be proactive quickly to avoid that.

So I took to the Franklin sidewalks for my daily walk with worship music on Pandora!  I took out of the hotel parking and hung a right.  Learned there is a mall right behind us, and I walked the entire circumference.  Didn't feel this was enough, though it was about 35 minutes of walking, so I took a right at the main drag, which was Mallory Street.  Hmmmmmmm, my brain thought, where have I heard that street before?  I brushed it off, thinking I had merely imagined it, it was just a generic name, nothing I knew of in Franklin.  I walked a block, a then a few more blocks I continued to walk.  I was contemplating now how much further I should walk before I made the u-turn back because I knew that I needed to allow enough time to eat and get ready, and since I hadn't spent much time checking out my surroundings outside the hotel last night, I knew I needed to not assume something was right near the hotel, let alone something that hopefully was on my diet.  This is part of the problem with me not having made any plans ahead of time or researching anything out before hand.  I was truly flying by the seat of my pants, and this is not me!!!  

In the middle of contemplating all this, guess what I ran into on my walk? None other than THE DAVE RAMSEY Building!!! I then felt like a dumb blond.  No wonder I recognized this street name, but the city was Brentwood, not Franklin.  Awwwhhhhh.  It was truly so cool to see, even though most of the parking lot was empty.  I would like to go back later this week and do a tour of the inside.

The Dave Ramsey Building
front entrance
signage at the curb for the entrance into the parking lot

employee break area

Look at the details on this sign...what a way to treat employees! 
Most employers resent "maternity" leave and the consequences that that has to them on their business with staffing situations. 
Dave's lessons have great impact if you apply them. Loved seeing this detail of his business!
Got back to the hotel and grabbed me some food from the re:Fuel.  I had a $5 voucher because of my "green choice hanger" I opted to put out the night before.

In getting ready for my day, I realized I had not brought my hairdryer with me.  I know you say, why would you bother when the hotel has one.  Because without a diffuser, my hair is frizzy.  It's hard to explain, I consider it just plain ugly.  This is what I get for not running through my check list one last time as I always do in packing before I headed out.  I honestly had thought that everything was in my suitcase because I had just gotten home from a business trip the day before, so what could have been taken out.  Well, something important was.

In yesterday's post, you met Michael Easley, Dave Ramsey's Minister that was at the EntreLeadership Masters Series with me in 2009.  He gave a session one of the days from Psalm 101 and applied the principals to business and personal lives.  It was truly an incredible teaching lesson.  When I got home from that trip, I sent him a Thank You note for his contribution to our lives and a book as a Thank You.  He sent me a book to with a handwritten note.  After meeting him and him having made such an impact in my life then, I wanted to experience worshiping at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN.  

As I approached the main entrance to the sanctuary, Mr. Easley was standing outside talking to a couple.  I waited, so excited to be able to tell him hello and give him a hug, that I stood there until they finished their conversation.  We chatted for a few minutes and shared in each others lives over connecting again.  He was so warm and friendly...hugged me three times.  I have thankfulness in my heart for being able to be there today and experience it in person here...I Thank God for all the people who have touched my life!!!!!!!

Photo: An awesome experience to be here!!! Memories of his part in my life in 2009 overwhelm me...more thankfulness in my heart for being able to come today and experience it in person here...I Thank God!!!!!!!!

After worship and the message, I walked the grounds took pictures of the fountain and pond and then tried to think about what I wanted to do.  I decided I was starved and needed lunch, but wanted something healthy.  I searched Google for some Sushi and found a place.  And guess what was in the shopping center?  A Target, yah for me...I could get a hairdryer with a diffuser!!!  I bought a few cards for some events coming up and headed back to the hotel.  I considered a nap, but decided to opt to head out to the pool because I could tell from my room that nobody was in it and wanted to make use of that.  I am not fond of swimming with bunches of people.  :)

Wouldn't you agree...doesn't this look inviting?  

It is!  The water was not cold, but not hot like a spa either, which also made the experience refreshing.

I spent the afternoon in this pool area, swam several laps and then curled up in this seating cozyed down with the music they had playing overhead and a book I brought with me that I bought at the Women of Faith Conference a month ago, The Hurt & The Healer by  Bart Millard and Andrew Farley...turned the cell phone off and disengaged from life and retreated to my own little world.

Nobody was here but me!!! It was blissfully sweet!

swan made from a towel
I actually got to see the hotel clerk assemble this...maybe I can try it when I have company the next time?  :)

I have enjoyed spending this time getting the blog up to date so you know what has been going on, but now that I have skipped dinner, I better head out...catch you tomorrow friends!

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