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Beth Moore: Living Proof Simulcast 2013

Theme of Living Proof 2013: No Longer
Grace is the good news at its greatest.  

Romans 5:1 the grace in which you stand.

Grace = charis: grace, particularly that which causes joy, pleasure, gratification, favor, acceptance, for a kindness granted or desired, a benefit, thanks, gratitude, the absolutely free expression of loving kindness  [I missed the remaining part of this quote because I couldn't write fast enough, though I tried desperately hard to get it all even though Beth Moore warned us we wouldn't be able to...]

1. Some things in our lives need to hear a loud "No Longer".  
Sometimes we say "no", but we still let it continue...we need to say no longer to anything that tries to master us.

2.  The power to live out a lasting "No Longer" can't be found under the law.
Romans 6:14 you are not under the law but under grace

Spiritual Neurosis = feeling crazy, trying to live under the law but not grace, contradictions between the two, had to do [law] vs get to do [grace]

Ephesians 4:32 you have been graced by God so you need to live in a conscious state to grace others

Where do you live?  Where do you put the relationships you have with others? Law or Grace?  We know this better than we live it.  Where is my peace?  

II Thessalonians 3:14, Titus 3:10, Matthew 18:17

Jesus has done something monumentally fantastic in your life!  You are not a constant disappointment.  You will distance yourself if you feel this way.

disappoint = 1x in The Word of God AND disappointed 4x's in The Word of God...but never one time was this spoken by God in The Word of God!  He said he was displeased or had displeasure in a lack of faith, Hebrews 10:38 (followed up in Hebrews 11:6) but not that he was disappointed.  Romans 5:5 (HCSB) this hope will not disappoint us.  God is NOT disappointed!!!  

disappoint = an expectation not to be met, failed expectations, to fail to fulfill the expectations or wishes of, to frustrate

God knows how you are going to turn out.
Romans 1:5 obedience
Romans 16:26 & 27

3.  It's time we no longer see our lives under any heading but "Grace".  
The more self aware we are the less we like ourselves...we can't maintain a life of perfection.

Law & Shame vs Grace & Name
No matter how much we hate the law, we are more scared of grace.

Romans 3:21, 27 we boast in the Lord our God
We will only be credited with what we give credit to God for.
Self-Condemnation = pet compulsion of credit cravors

Whatever we add to grace we subtract from God.  Grace is the power of the cross.  We are the "have's" in the world, not the "have not's".

Get an attitude and say "No Longer".  Our human rationale is to keep the law, rev it up and keep the cycle.  The power lies in grace.  This is where you live here at "111 Grace".  

By the law of faith!  Faith drives our obedience.

Romans 4:1-3 

Believe who I say I am.  Believe you are who I say you are.

Reaffirmed or reformed disappointment is regret.  We don't believe God is just disappointed in me/us but regrets me/us.

Romans 6:6-14
John 1:16 & 17

Be eccentric.

Law = increases sin, self destructing, even more destruction
Grace = power to be victorious

Romans 5:20

We behave out of our belief system, behavioral compulsions.  We believe in our heads that's who we are.  do we know, not just in our heads, but deep inside?  To the degree you are enslaved to sin to that degree you are out from under grace.

Old Man Object Lesson
[Beth Moore had a real life size dummy that was as tall as her that she  used in her object lesson to illustrate all we do to carry around the dead old man with us]
Old Man = he is dead, we are dragging him around with us, we throw him at situations and people, we snuggle up with him, our identity is with him, he means much to us, we can't let go, we do everything to keep him alive, even revive him and even give him CPR if we need to, he is who we feed, we even let him drive and tell us where to go... 

We just keep adjusting ourselves to the decay.  We remember all the habits of the "old man".  We are very attached, sympathetic, and cherish it.  If you are dominated by the Old Man, you are living it out.

Ephesians 4:28
Don't give it authority to master you anymore.  Don't call it back.

4. It's also time to quit trying to resuscitate the old dead us.
Write an obituary:  The Old Me vs The New Me 
[Beth Moore gave 4 examples from the blog on this]
You can't see it because the blend is so strong.

Luke 15:17

Jesus Christ is worthy enough for me, you, us!

Galatians 4:4-7

Get your "No Longer" straight.  Your enemy is you.  God has set the table before you.  You have distanced yourself from God.  You keep talking yourself out of it.  You can't earn it or boast about it.

5.  Let's trade our "no longer worthy" for "I'm no longer the same".  
There is nothing you cannot come back from.  Nothing!  Jesus will be glad to see you!!!  We all draw a line and the cross always crosses it.

Romans 5:15, 20

We act like our grace equals or is equivalent to our sin.  
Sin Increase Grace Abounded
The free gift doesn't match the amount of sin.

Jesus still wants me!  That is the taste of grace!!! We say Lord have mercy and when we do, we get upset.  

Jesus will come through any door...if you are willing to escape.

Romans 3:23-25 accessible through faith
Hebrews 9:5
Luke 18:9-14 "I"

Lord, I was never worthy enough...but because of you, I AM WORTHY!!!  Own it.  We got to have Jesus.  Come to grace.  Nothing can snatch you out of His hand.

You have always embraced me.  You have always welcomed me home.  you have always been faithful.  you have never left me alone.  Never. You want us.  Your grace immerses us in your love.  We can't make it without it.  You love us completely.

Romans 5:1 & 2  We have peace with God.  
Ephesians 1:6 We are highly favored.

Get the rhythm of will know you got it when you can dance.  My Spirit Rejoices.

6.  We will see the face of grace and need grace to bear the beauty.
Acts 20:32 Build You Up!  

Get out of your cemetery.  We are worthy through your pain and suffering.


[the items listed in red are my nuggets in which I will do a followup blog post on]

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