Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Counseling Session #13

I have had nearly a two week break in counseling.  Is that possible?  The calendar says it is.  It doesn't feel like it.

Not sure what we accomplished today.  In some ways it was a "lite day".  

I shared with her how amazed I am at how God works.  I could not have done my Life Plan Coaching with Chris LoCurto if I had not started counseling June 3rd.  Not a chance. I would not have been ready to delve into "me" the way we needed to to be effective and profitable of the time.  I am not going to tell you that that was an easy process, but I will tell you I would do it again in a heartbeat, as costly as it was.  I don't spend money quickly or easily, especially on myself.

Reviewed the sibling drama from my vacation.  She asked to read the text messages.  She could not finish them.  She said Misty, this is just too much.  Do you realize this?  Do you see the manipulation?  The control?  Clearly?  I told her I did...

And then I walk away and wonder how I put up with this if she can't even read it?  

I showed her the postcard sent to me and my sister by Mom in care of a local minister from The Assembly, who then mailed to me...letting me know the house next door was for sale if I/we wanted to move home.  [I shredded it when I got home.]

Ugh.  No.  That is not home.  I have a home...a nice home...a place that is called home and feels like home more than my childhood ever did.

I thought I had provided her copies of my Dad's letter and my letter...regardless, she got copies today.  I can tell she had thoughts but she didn't share them, which I know means discussion is coming later.

We will resume my story next week.

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