Monday, September 16, 2013

life changes quickly

Yes, life changes quickly.  

How quickly?  More quickly than we can keep up with.

I was in Colorado a week ago for the weekend for a girlfriends wedding which was held in Estes Park and had some time to visit with friends.  I had never been to Estes Park before.  It was gorgeous!!!  I was able to borrow a vehicle from my Uncle Shawn & Aunt Connie, and drive from their place in Fort Collins up Highway 34 to Estes Park.   

The weekend went fast and before you knew it, I was set to fly out of Colorado a week ago Monday at 4pm.  As I was sitting at the airport, you could see the storm getting closer.  The process went on as planned.  We were ticked and boarded our airplane.  The skies started looking semi-dark and you could tell a ways out there it was raining.  Then it quickly changed.  We started getting wind and rain.  We came to a stop on the runway, our position in line at 6 for takeoff got put at a halt.  The airplane pilot let us know we had sit tight because 20 miles out in the air things were not appearing to be in good shape in the air.  The pilot hoped we would be moving in 10 more minutes.  About 15 minutes later, the pilot told us there was no update we were in a waiting and holding on the ground, to sit tight and we would wait for word.  

We sat some more.  

I reactivated my wifi on my cell phone, read some of my favorite blog posts from the last week that I hadn't had a chance yet to read, browsed my Facebook newsfeed and chilled why people around me fidgeted and swarmed in their anxiety.  We sat for over an hour before we finally got clearance to proceed further on the runway to head out.  The rain continued, but the lightning had backed off and we were cleared to soar the skies.

I arrived home and my life went on like normal.  But back in Colorado rain continued to pour.  It didn't let up and came down in such large amounts that the newscasters called it Biblical like rains.  Enormous amounts of rain.  The road below in this picture is Highway 34, the exact road I drove up to Estes Park.

But it wasn't like this when I drove it.  It had changed.  In 4 short days.  Just 4 short days.

Highway 34 to Estes Park
When I learned of all the rain happening in Colorado from my relatives, I couldn't help but think of the people I met at the wedding in Estes Park, particularly my friend Gail.  She was the one person that I didn't get a picture of or with, and by the time I remembered it, she had already left the wedding site.  Maybe this is why she was the first person I contacted to see if she was okay?  I did not get a response back until yesterday, early in the morning before I was awake.  She states:  

Hi dear Misty.  Thank You for praying.  My husband took me home for the first time yesterday...we live off [name of street]...which is mostly destroyed.  The water undercut many sections of the road, where both lanes have dropped away.  Gas and sewer lines destroyed.  Our house is dry, thankfully we have electric and water...our drive has deep ravines and exposed pipes.  It was a major 3 mile effort to get home.  Staying with [name of friend].  It may be months before repairs are completed.  Cold weather and snow are coming.  It's quite an adventure...and our needs are only one of thousands.  I'm trusting this may bring healing to our marriage...Hope never ceases!  I trust you are well... ;)

Now you know why she is my friend?  Do you hear anger in her voice?  Do you hear bitterness?  Do you hear resentment?  Do you hear this isn't fair?  No.  She has hope.  That it will heal her marriage.  She could care less about her house.  The area.  Yes, she wants those things restored, but what matters deeply to her the most?  Her marriage.  No wonder we connected so quickly in those two hours together at the reception!  

Saturday Night on my way to get some Nyquil at the pharmacy because my congestion was so intense, I got a call from a friend in Colorado who wanted me to know they were okay.  In talking, she asked if I had heard the news about some friends here in Texas that were involved in an accident on their way home from The Assembly Friday Night Sing.  I hadn't.  She shared that they were enroute to where they live in Granbury, driving about 60mph when they were rear ended by someone traveling 80mph.  This propelled them into the vehicle in front of them, the lady was ejected and died later.  They walked away from the accident site alive!  Their vehicle totaled, but it was not time for them to go, God had his angels around them.  God didn't allow them to be taken.  He wanted them here.  The purpose for their life is not yet been fulfilled.  Their journey not over.

Life is short. Make the most of today. You don't know what tomorrow will bring.  

It could bring you some life changing events.  

It could be the end.  

It could be the beginning.

It could hurt.  Cause pain.  Inflict grief.  Land sorrow.

It could bring joy.  Love.  Blessings.    

But know this, whatever tomorrow brings, it may change your life, but you can still have hope.  In some small way...maybe in some big way.  God knows the journey you will be on.  He is with you, if you have invited him to be apart of it.  

Use today to serve him.  Share your faith, love and journey with someone.  YOU are needed today.


  1. You have an amazing ability to encourage your siblings in Christ!! I love reading your blogs, Misty!! Please continue!!

  2. Thanks for sharing about your new friend and sister in Christ Gail... I want to add her to my list of people to pray for .. I want to join with her in praying for healing in her marriage.. What you have shared about her and your conversation with her re her home and the destruction around where she lives has totally encouraged me! Thanks for sharing and thanks for sharing with me about Gail!