Saturday, October 26, 2013

2nd Testimony with IAmSecondBracelet

I wrote about my I Am Second bracelet that I purchased and the 1st experience I had sharing with someone about it here.  I have had some small experiences, some people who will say "I love your I Am Second bracelet" or "I love what they are about".  This week, I had another big experience.

I was working at a clients office, meeting with a representative of an IPA that does their Credentialing & Contracting Services.  We have had issues for several months and though I have spent gobs of time trying to get them to resolve the problems, they have been very inept at it.  I asked for an onsite meeting.

We had been talking for a good 30 minutes or so and during an interval between topics, Kristine stopped me and asked me what the message was on my bracelet.  I wear it with the message pointed at me.  Many of these types of bands, most people wear with the message pointed out towards the fingers so the other person can read it.  I wear it on my left hand with the wording directly towards me so that I can read it.

Not knowing where the conversation would go, I kept it simple.  "It say's I Am Second."  She said "What is that?  I have never heard of it."  I took a deep breath, not wanting to get all "churchy" on her, I smiled and said, "In a nutshell it is the message that God is First in my life and I am Second.  They have a website with lots of testimonials at"  She immediately said, "That is cool".  Nothing more about it.  So I  said "Yes, it is." and said nothing more.

As things worked, the next day I got an email from IAmSecond. I forwarded it to my business email account.  I then sent it to her with a simple message:  


Here is my email today from I Am Second.  Check them out at  Let me know what you think!  

Guess what?  I got a response from her today:  

Misty, thank you.  So thoughtful of you to send this to me.  I’m sure you know how rare it is to share faith with people in today’s world and in the work place in general.  I know I already have more blessings then I deserve.  Heaven to ground me and a family that always calls me home.  At the end of the day, I just pray every day I have a life that’s good.  It was a blessing to meet you.  GOD’s speed.  Everything else is just stuff…..Thanks again, Kris

Is she a believer?  Does she love God?  Does she have a relationship with him?  People speak of God and blessings yet may not really understand either.  I don't have to figure out if she is or isn't.  My journey is to share the gospel, to encourage, to plant seeds.  It is little seeds that get sown that matter.  Seeds of God's Love.  Seeds of his forgiveness.  Seeds of his grace.  Seeds of what he has done for us by redeeming us.  Seeds of kindness.  Seeds of faith.

Get the Gear

My I Am Second bracelet is allowing me to do just that...share the gospel, encourage, plant seeds.  I am blown away at the ways God works and the people he brings on my journey.  I pray that I am a reflection and continue to pursue a life of living I Am Second.

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