Tuesday, October 22, 2013

does your light shine?

I have been thinking about the song we learn as little kids:
This little light of mine, I am gonna let it shine.

What is our light?  How do we let it shine?  Who are we shinning it to?

Our light can be our spirit of giving.  Our spirit of love.  Our spirit of comfort.  Our spirit of a smile.  Our spirit of joy.  Our spirit through a hug.  Our spirit in listening.  Our spirit in a word of encouragement.  Our spirit of support.  Our spirit of kindness.  Our spirit of peace.  Our spirit of prayer.  Our spirit of patience.  Our spirit of courage.  Our spirit of faith.

Our light is showing the spirit of God...in everything we do...to everyone our lives touch.

We may touch them in a fleeting second at the drive through window.  We may pass them on the road.  We may speak to them on the phone before they transfer us to someone else.  We may work with them weekly on a project.  But however long or short our interaction is with them, our spirit will be felt...on one way or another.  

The true light is Jesus.  And if that light is alive and lite within us, it can't be hid.  It will sneak out, through the cracks in the walls.  It will create a warmth that can be felt even if the beam is not seen.

Impressive to think about?  As I have thought about the ways our light shines it makes me want to be more purposeful in sharing my light...letting its beam be reflected off me to others.  In simple small ways.  Let your light shine!

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