Monday, November 4, 2013

37th Birthday

Today is my birthday!  I am 37.  I don't have any big birthday plans, largely because I am spending it at a conference in Dallas, from yesterday through tomorrow.  My phone has blown up with text messages and Facebook messages, to the point that it was dead by 2pm, when it normally lasts two days.  Of course, it didn't help I was doing a bunch of tweeting hoping to win one of the giveaway's today...but I didn't.

One of my clients is attending this conference with me...I was given this before the beginning of today's conference:

A special birthday delivery from a client and friend! I LOVE books and reading...thanks!!!

One of the people I met at this conference, Dr. Tomi Grover, was at my table at dinner.  She had the whole table sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and she made sure I got a piece of cake to eat!  Love having people in my life who do little things to make me feel special.

In reflection of my year from 36 to 37, the last year has brought some amazing life changing events, some really hard, yet some really good experiences too.  I have faced some things I never thought I would face.  Through it all, one thing stands clear:  God has been with me.  My prayer life has changed significantly, in an incredible way!  God has brought people into my life who I get to share my faith journey with and who have helped me learn so much more about God, his love for me and that I am good enough.  God has given me some deep lessons on this courageous path.  My trust and faith in Him continues to grow and I know it will grow deeper yet.  He is bigger than all I will ever face and I love Him!!!

Here is to another year living with courage and leading with love!

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