Friday, November 15, 2013

50 Things About Me

There is this neat thing going around are given a Number and then you must share facts that your FB peeps may not know about you.  I think it is really cool because you get to learn things about people you love and are close to.  I was given Number 8...but thought it would be fun to take this to 50.  So I am doing that today on my blog.  The first 8 items are what I posted on FB.  Since you are a follower of my blog, you may or may not already know some of these... 

1.  At age 8, this is my first memory of a relationship with God and asking him to save me. 
2.  I graduated High School at age 15.
3.  I wanted to run away from home more times then you could imagine. I finally got brave and walked out at age 20 and was told by my parents I would never be welcome back to the house and I would be dead in 2 years. I have never been back and I have lived an additional 16+ years.

4.  I flew my first airline trip with John & Rhoda Stuart Otis September 1997.
5.  I have had 6 [unsuccessful] dating relationships in which I have been told I: make too much money, am too independent, ask too many questions, have too high expectations, but each of these began with "I know you are the girl I am going to marry, whether you know it or not, you are for me".
6.  I started my business at age 27.
7.  I would love to give Danica Patrick some competition! 145.81mph was an awesome experience through NASCAR Racing Experience and I loved every minute of it!!!
8.  I am writing a book [after years of being told I should I am finally getting brave to tell my story]. 

9.  I am a fanatic about recycling.  It was mandatory in California and I have continued the practice since moving to Texas.  I even take clients shredding to the drop off bins around town if they don't have a shredding service.
10.  I have severe Allergies and Adrenal Fatigue issues.
11.  I am a workaholic.
12.  I have knitting in my car and will bring it out when stuck in traffic, waiting for the train at the railroad tracks...I don't knit and drive like I used to because of the incredulous concern of my friends.
13.  I have been a bridesmaid in two weddings, was asked to be in a third and I regret I wasn't.
14.  I was a flower girl in my aunts wedding at age 6 and wanted to marry the ring bearer when I grew up.
15.  I was required by my parents to save 50% of my income, including babysitting and any extra side jobs.
16.  I have had 1.5 years of piano lessons and due to my parents budget and finance issues, I had to quit.  I wish I had never quit.
17.  I am the oldest child in the family.
18.  My nickname by my Dad was strombolini (don't know what it means...never understood the crazy nickname).  The other nickname given to me by family to ridicule me was thepalefaceone.  One of my girlfriends calls me Agent Gilbert (because I am always prepared or try to be).
19.  Spending time out by the pool is one o f my favorite things.
20.  I strive to write thank you notes and follow up letters to every person I meet.
21.  I made my first skirt all by myself at age 10.
22.  I keep way too much stuff.
23.  I bought my home in 2007.
24.  I never went to college.
25.  I love connecting with people and seeing how I can help them.
26.  I am a silver girl, rarely wear gold.
27.  I am a California transplant to Texas.
28.  I hate cliches probably almost as passionately as I detest VIP programs.
29.  I have never been to Six Flags or any like amusement park and ridden the roller coaster rides and this is on my bucket list.
30.  I want to impact the world in some way and create something that generates a passive income like eBay, Facebook, Etsy, Pandora...but I haven't figured out what that is yet.
31.  I want to learn to dance.
32.  I don't look my age.
33.  I rode the city bus to work for 2 years, paying $1.00 each way as I wasn't allowed to have a car because that was too independent and my parents wouldn't cosign or allow me to get a car.
34.  I started getting an allowance in the sixth grade when I begged Mom to ask Dad for one after being ridiculed severely in school. I was given $0.25 a week.  But I was happy.  I could say I got an allowance!!!  The increases never got more than $2.50 a week and quit when I got a job.
35.  I do not like to play card games or board games.  This was forced family time growing up and it brings ill feelings very quickly.
36.  Every journal I have ever had I have eventually burned or trashed out of fear hence the reason I never felt I could write a book.
37.  I love having guy friends as much as I love having girlfriends.  They are different but equally beneficial.
38.  I wrote letters every week to people growing up.
39.  I have owned 4 Honda Civics, the first bought 2 years old, the last 3 bought brand new, and I wrecked the third one by rear ending someone this year in Dallas.
40.  I want to skydive.  This is on my bucket list.
41.  My first gray hairs appeared when I was 13 years old.
42.  I love to drink water.  
43.  I love to entertain and cook for friends, but one person, not so much.
44.  Fever blisters love my lips.
45.  I thrive on finding ways to succeed and do things people say can't be done.
46.  I love the color red.
47.  I will never be a birth mom.
48.  I wish I knew what it was like to have a lovely family relationship.
49.  My voicemail says Seize the Day. 
50.  My relationship with God means more to me than anything else in the world!

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  1. Hi Misty. Very interesting. Some of these things I knew but some I didn't. So, it was nice getting to know you better! :-)