Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{friendship} reflections

Some days, I get overwhelmed with my friendships.  

I had lunch today with one of those people who I value, a friendship that matters deeply to me, someone that I can just be me with, who makes me feel comfortable and doesn't make me have to meet a box of approval, but to just be, live and enjoy life as it is knowing God LOVES me.  

A true friend who doesn't wig out when tears fall down your face, you have no words, and are overcome with pain.  As you sit there and pick at your food.  

When you question why.  When you struggle at finding the answers.  When you know God is bigger than all of this, but somehow it still seems overwhelming.

Friendships like this that exude kindness makes it easier to bear the pain.  I love and appreciate each one of you for your part in my life!

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