Sunday, December 22, 2013

wknd project for a friends wedding

One of my girlfriends is getting married in two weeks.  She has asked me to decorate.  She states she loves my style.  So this weekend while I dealt with the head congestion, raging sore throat, fever and fatigue, I worked on one of the pieces that will be set for the "stage" at the wedding.

I have never made one of those coffee filter wreaths, but have admired them.  My cousin did a blog post about them through her "We Can Do It Cheaper" Inspirational Posts.  You can see it here.  Mine is a bit different not just because I used a cheaper wreath, but because it is bigger and I made mine more compact.  My wreath is 18" here.

I tried to unwrap the plastic and ended up with pieces of the wreath going everywhere.  I scratched that and covered it with the coffee filters folded in half.

I began affixing the coffee filters in a line around the inside and worked outward from there towards me.

A girlfriend texted me to see if I was resting and I sent her a picture of my lap view.  Not resting but not working too hard as I sit indian style on the floor while I am house & dog sitting in Benbrook.  This view is when its almost done.  I was filling in the gaps and places that needed more "petals".

A birds eye view of the finished product now 24" and approximately 7 or so hours of work.  Gorgeous!  Absolutely gorgeous, if I may say so myself!!!

Dang, I think I wanna get married!  This is so cool!!!

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