Monday, January 6, 2014

a Misty funny moment. {still laughing}

You ever have those funny moments happen which you just totally laugh about, like every single time you think of them?  Or repeat them?

Yah.  I am going to share one of those funny moments with you.  Course you won't hear me say it in my own words, with the inflection, but I will do my best to describe it to you.

I had my wisdom teeth out April 2010.  One of my girlfriends wanted to take care of me.  She was happy when all my "moms" were out of town and couldn't.  She said it just wasn't fair that she hadn't had her chance.  Well now she did.  I don't think she was prepared for the Misty funny though that happened.

You see.  I do funny things with anesthesia medicine.  The first dose for "normal" people doesn't work for me.  So they give me more.  Then, its usually, not good things, like that puking your guts out stuff.  I have never liked it.  I don't care how much you prepare yourself mentally for this supposedly "happy juice", it never is quite happy for me.

This time.  It was.

Upon completion of getting all my 4 wisdom teeth out and going through the process of after care, the medical team wanted to make sure that I had my instructions and all the items needed to take care of myself.  They wanted to send me home with an ice pack.  I told them in a drawl and a push and wave of the hand, "Nawwh, you don't need to, my girlfriends got peas!"  

They looked at me like I had lost it.  "Excuse me?  Your girlfriends got peas?"

You see, my girlfriend had said that peas were the best ice pack.  They work the best. I remembered this.  She told me she had plenty and no need to bring ice packs with me, she had me covered.

I confirmed, yah, she's got peas.  I didn't explain. I figured they knew what I meant.  They still laugh at me.  We still laugh when we remember me hanging out with them for a few days.

What funny memory do you have?

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