Wednesday, January 15, 2014

blogging followers that comment

Dear Blogging Followers that Comment,

I wanted to write you a letter to let you know the fact that when I get an email that says I have a comment that needs to be approved, just how much I anticipate reading that comment to see what someone had to say about what I wrote. 

You don't know that it is nice to know the fact that what I write is encouraging you to comment and share your thoughts, how this makes me smile.  

You don't know, but sometimes I question how my writing is received and if my thoughts conveyed were understood.  

You don't know, but I doubt my writing is good enough.  

You don't know that I wonder if my writing bores you or if it inspires you.

You don't know that sometimes I feel I am writing to myself.

You don't know that even if I am writing to just me, I will still write.

You don't know that I wonder if my blog posts have encouraged you to start a blog or a journal, maybe simply write an email to a friend or send a note through the mail.

You don't know that I wonder if my blog posts have sparked conversation with your husband, your sister, your children, your girlfriends, your bible study group, your journal.

You don't know that I wonder if there is something I could write more than I have to share more of my life, which is why I feel I need to write a book to share my story.

You don't know that writing has helped me move past some issues in my personal life.

You don't know that I never dreamed I would love writing.

You don't know how becoming an author actually truly does scare me.

You don't know the amount of criticism I have received for what I write about, for having a blog, for posting things online, and for the disapproval that has been expressed and I have received for years over all this with my blog.

You don't know how much this 31 Day Challenge to write 500 words a day has truly inspired me in my blog writing and book writing.

You don't know what lessons I have learned from learning to write 500 words daily.

You don't know what benefits writing has until you do it.

You don't know that words can actually help heal a hurt until you write them, speak them or see them.  

You don't know that I have no expectations out of anyone to follow or not follow my blog.  I don't write to create a following, I write to encourage you.

You don't know this, but you bless me.  Particularly the blogging follower and commentor logged as Lana M. because you have commented the most and since we live states apart, this gives me a feeling of connection with you.

Or maybe you did know these things.   Either way, you know now.

May I encourage you?  Go write.  Today.

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  1. Well said! I'm guilty of reading, appreciating, but never letting you know in the comments. I want to make the effort to respond more, to not do so is kind of like listening to someone talk and not even acknowledging that you heard them.