Friday, January 17, 2014

learning to grin and bear it

What does it mean to grin and bear it?  

I was told as a child many times, "Just grin and bear it."

The context was always either implied or with the following previous statements made:

  • "Someone else has it worse then you, just get over it."
  • "Life was never meant to be fair, just deal with it."
  • "Quit being a big baby, just grin and bear it."
  • "You are complaining and you know better than to do that, just grin and bear it."
As I continue to work through things I was told and have learned in life, I have wondered what would be a good way to think about "just grin and bear it" instead of the negativity those above comments reflect.

I think grin and bear it means:

Your situation may not be something you can change.  It may not be something that is the way you like it.  It may not be circumstances you asked for.  It may not be a plan you had in mind. It may be making your life nearly unbearable.  It may be creating havoc on your schedule, your body, your health, your finances, your outlook on life.  It may be devastating.  

But in the midst of this you can smile.  You can take it.  You can ask God for more grace.  You can be patient.  You can consider the times you have had that have been good.  You can remember that this too shall pass.  You can review and change what is within your power to change, even if it only makes a difference of 1%, it is a difference that will count and will add up.  You can not complain because nobody wants to hear it and nobody cares what your problems are, their own are enough.  You can find something, maybe something small, but something to be thankful for.  

This I consider a reasonable way to grin and bear it.

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