Monday, January 20, 2014

reasons why interviewing is a beating

One of the duties I do for my clients that have hired me as a Practice Administrator or Medical Practice Consultant is to screen the applicants resumes that are submitted and for those qualified do phone interviews.

I can't say that I overly enjoy the process because dealing with a people who say they want a job, desperately, say they are personable, want to learn, are kind and efficient, etc.  

The process is exhausting.
  • Do you know how many people answer when I call them?  1 in 100.
  • Do you know how many have a voicemail that has not yet been set up?  Nearly all of them.  If they have one, it is a generic message, "the wireless customer you are calling is not available at this time, please leave a message."
  • Do you know how many of them return my voicemails?  1/3 of them, if it is a good week.
  • Do you know how many of them expect a high salary without having the skills for one? 99% of them.
  • Do you know how many of them always tell me on the phone that they can work the schedule that includes weekends and evenings?  100% {if they don't, they don't even get considered...and if they hesitate, they get ditched}
I review their qualifications, job expectations, and set up those who meet the bare minimum of requirements in at least 3 categories an onsite working interview.  I send them email confirmation of the date & time of the interview, the names of who they will be interviewing with, the address of the location, let them know to look the address up before coming as online maps may or may not be accurate, and provide them my contact number if anything comes up and they can't make the interview.
  • Do you know how many of them no show their interview?  90%.
  • Do you know how many of them that no show actually call to let me know they won't be coming?  0%
  • Do you know how many of them when offered a job actually start the first day?  50%
  • Do you know how many of them call to tell you that they have changed their mind on the position?  0%
  • Do you know how many will quit the first day?  25%
  • Do you know how many will quit within 3 months?  75%
This is why I say it is exhausting.
  • Does that change what I look for in an applicant?  No.
  • Does it make my job easy? No.
  • Does this mean I should screen harder than I do?  Maybe.  Though everyone says I am pretty tough, some days, I wonder.

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